Queerty Readers Weigh In On The Election Of Pope Francis I

pope francisThe Catholic Church picked its new prom queen on Wednesday, and we weighed in on whether we can expect some change from Francis I. (Short answer: no.)

But Queerty readers had more than a little to say as well. Here’s a sampling:


Why would we see a shift? Benedict increased the number of Cardinals voting to insure his own election, and he has now had the beholden choose a person he fully supported. No difference. —Cam

The new pope is probably even more conservative about birth control, abortion, same-sex relationships. Consequently, the Catholics will continue to be mired down in the thick mud of scandal and hypocrisy surrounding child abuse, the evasion and coverups. A new conservative pope means a missed opportunity to bring this 2000-year obsolete political-religious behemoth into the 21st century, embracing the cultural and religious changes that are long overdue. The first victims of change, are those that fail to embrace it. —Ronsfo


So they traded one old man who looked like the literal incarnation of evil, for another old man who looks like a guy that gets habitually caught masturbating in a public library? —MK Ultra


I don’t know much about Bergoglio, and I obviously have problems with the existing Catholic stance on gays and gay marriage, but is it maybe unfair to run with a headline “Everything Else Remains As Awful As Ever In The Catholic Church,” on the guy’s first day? There is little-to-no room to speculate that Francis will shift the Church’s position on gay marriage—my basic understanding is that he fought marriage equality in Argentina, and called it demonic, etc. I concede that.

But first and foremost, it’s only been a few hours. Second, while flawed, Bergoglio agrees we should be respected. That counts for something, right? So the “as awful as its ever been” emphasis of the piece is kind of misleading—especially since there was a time we’d be put to death.

Third, I can think of a few religious figures who think of us as less than human. That small difference strikes me as a great first step. —AP


Actually this could be a really good thing if played correctly by the UK media. An Argentinian pope could be the final nail in the Catholic coffin here in Britain. We need a concerted effort to really show the people of Britain that this is the horrible news that it is: I would even consider implied support of the Church of England if they pushed for a frosting of relations with Catholics.

Does seem like it could happen—we have an Archbishop of Canterbury here who comes from an oil background.   —2EO


Even with all the stupid things he has said about marriage equality, I think maybe he could have at least an open ear to reason. He is also a man of science, and a chemist before even becoming a priest. Give him a chance.  —TimeLord89


Looks like just another asshole in a dress to me. —StFallon1028


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  • 2eo

    StFallon1028 with the steal on this one. Kudos.

  • alexoloughlin

    How on earth can a Pope or any catholic clergy say we should be respected yet don’t respect us regarding equal marriage? There is a definite disconnect there. I just don’t get it. This is a pope who believes are relationships are disordered and hinder the human development of raising a child which he calls disccrimination against children, a destruction of his God’s plan. I wouldn’t call that respectful of LGBT people. It’s downright offensive and insulting.

  • alexoloughlin

    @2eo: I wonder if he’ll appoint Nichols of Westminster as the next cardinal for the UK? Nichols at one time was quite relaxed in regard to LGBT people but since Ratzinger’s regime has done a 360 degree turn in the opposite direction. There hasn’t been much condemnation of O’Brien I’ve noticed, none from the hierarchy, the Church of England is silent as usual and no MP has dared open his or her mouth for fear of being accused of the obvious. Hate-monger Ann Widdecombe’s lips are sealed of course.

  • 2eo

    @alexoloughlin: I have good news. This morning the old couple who live 2 doors away have left the church because they don’t want to associate with “[email protected] who hate Britain”, I’m so happy I’ve actually played a part in convincing ardent christian churchgoers to leave their 6 decade place of worship and find a proper path.

    With those two leaving the church, we’re now in single figures for actual christians left in this country.

  • Victor_in_PA

    I know there was hope that something would be different. I don’t really get that. Why would anything be any different? No one stands to be moved out of the vatican for overly conservative views. As long as you’ve got people at he vatican living off all the wealth they’ve amassed over the past 2000 years, nothing is going to change. They’ve got too much to lose if they do. It was a nice thought but it’ll never happen as long as there is that much wealth stored at the vatican. Money is god and they aren’t about to stop worshiping at that altar.

  • viveutvivas

    Really, he’s a man of science and reason? Is that before or after he puts on a pointy hat and talks to imaginary sky people?



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