Queerty ReBUTTAL

clayHl2.jpg clayHR.jpg
Alright, from one gay, talented musician to another, not-so-out and certainly not-as-talented musician. Of course you kids remember this morning’s post on which we linked to Perez Hilton‘s photos of a man looking suspiciously like Clay Aiken trying to get some digital dickin’ on Manhunt.

Well, we got a lot of comments in a very short amount of time, including this not-so-love note from a reader named Susan:

Do you all really think Clay Aiken is that stupid? Please – just goes to show the intelligence level of this site. Go back a year ago and you will see exactly the same text in the same kind of e-mails. Give it up will ya. Not even Perez is that stupid – and he is way down there.

Oh, please, Susan, Perez may be a lot of things, but he ain’t stupid.
Aiken, on the other hand, well, it seems you’re wrong and he is, in fact, unforunately, a total dunce. Yes, reader Derek, the pictures could be photo shopped, but how would that explain these pictures of Aiken wearing the same rings as his alleged double?

Also, with regard to the remark from VMag (V Magazine?), “Queerty and Perez Hilton are both toxic to the gay community.” Interesting hypothesis. We think we’re way less toxic than, say, famous people who deny their sexuality, thus depriving young fans a potential idol.

What about this post from “Clay Aiken”: “Yes, I am gay! deal with it!” Hoax? Probably, but wouldn’t it be nice if Aiken wanted to set up a little chat with us? We’re really very sweet…