Queerty ReBUTTal

It’s that time again, kiddies – the time when we take a second to look back on some of the week’s most scandalous posts. And we had plenty this week.

Thanks to everyone who commented, even you nasty bitch haters. We love you all.

See how much, after the jump…

• Obviously we got loads of comments on Clay Aiken’s alleged Manhunt bust (Clay Aiken All Up on Manhunt?). So many, in fact, that we had a special early week Queerty ReBUTTal, but we’d like to take a second to highlight a message left by a reader named “why”:

Listen, Clay doesn’t want it up the poop chute, especially your herpes infested dick. How do you like it when someone talks shit about you as you do Clay? I don’t even know why I’m using this logic or whatever it is you’d call it on you.

You are a man of tin. And you have no heart and will never have one. You and Perez should just do us all a favor and fuck each other.

Wow, we’ve got to unpack this one. First and foremost, we love the term “poop chute”, so thanks for that one. As for our “herpes infested dick”, we have oral herpes, not genital, so show some respect. With regard to people talking shit about us – well, yes, it happens, but we move on with our lives. We imagine Aiken’s fame and fortune probably make things a little easier for him.

Now, this “logic” you speak of – yes, you can call it logic. There’s no queer equivalent. It’s the same for everyone. But, unfortunately, you weren’t using any, especially when you suggested we have sex with Perez Hilton. We’re sure he’s a great decent lay, but we don’t really roll like that. Also, we’re not sure how fucking PH would do you “all” a favor – you really wouldn’t get anything from it. And who’s all, why? Do you have split personalities or something? Sally Field, is that you?

• Monday had more controversy, thanks to our post on Jasmyne Cannick’s thoughts on Isaiah Washington (Black Lesbian Journo Not Down With Gay Media’s Washington Attacks). Some people questions our judgment in posting that, but we think it had to be done. So, a big “you’re welcome” to the people who praised us. To those who didn’t, well, no thanks for you – except for commenting, of course. To you, reader Ian Stewart, who wrote:

“[The protest] reminds of 1876 in the Deep South, when a White woman would scream rape at the hands of a Black man, and that Black man was then dragged out of his home into the middle of the night and beaten and lynched by an angry White mob without any proof or evidence, just the word of his accuser. It was another case of guilty until proven innocent.”

Please tell me I am not the only one to read this and go “WHAT?!?!”

Yes, we did actually exclaim “what” only our has three question marks and four exclamations. We agree entirely that Cannick’s exaggerating a bit, but we still think she’s got a valid point. If any of you guys missed it, go on back and read it. Then let us know what you think. That is, if you’re the thinking type.

• Now, onto Tuesday, the day when we all got a look at a surprisingly strapping Daniel Radcliffe (“Daniel Radcliffe Takes It Off”). As you may recall, the Harry Potter star’s getting all nudie and shit for the West End production of Equus, a move that many think tarnishes his kiddie career, like reader Hannah:

ok, this is kinda retarded cause many young kids look up to him as an idol, and he’s now on a stage NAKED!!! i mean yeah he’s pretty hot, but still he shouldnt be doing this

Really? Would you rather we teach children their bodies are ugly, sin-filled curses that should never be enjoyed. Yes, we understand the entire world’s watched Radcliffe grow up and kids think he’s the bees-knees, but we think it’s one of the most progressive things a child actor’s done in years. Much better than that slut Dakota Fanning pretending to get raped in a movie, Hounddog.

• And who could forget the Paula Zahn clip featuring Joe Solmonese and Keith Boykin (“Boykin, Solmonese All Up on Paula Zahn”)? Really it’s been seared into our memory like a bad case of genital warts. You guys certainly got a lot off your collective chest, but let’s all take a second to ponder reader Donnie’s comments:

The need to show the difference between the Rosie-China issue and Washington’s use of the “Faggot” word. When Washington used it, he used the word out of hate and indifference. When Rosie used “Ching-chong-chang” in explaining how people even in China knew about things that were happening on The View, it was not out of hate, maybe out of ignorance since Rosie doesn’t know Chinese and opted to instead use what she thought was Chinese… but in no way was it hateful. It wasn’t like she called Hasselbeck a honky or something….

We agree there’s a total difference and, to be honest, we had a totally guilty chuckle at Rosie’s Chinaman, but we do have to say it would have been far more entertaining if she had, in fact, called Hasselbeck a “honky”. We love that work and would love for someone to call us a “honky”. Or “cracker ass cracker”…

• Speaking of lesbians, we were absolutely astonished by how many comments we received on our post about Tammy Lynn Michaels (“Tammy Lynn Michaels Has Something To…Um…Say?”). We were especially surprised by some of the attacks we got – who knew you guys love TLM so much? Take, for example, reader Jon, whose love for TLM prompted him to write:

who exactly wrote this article? probably some self-absorbed man who’s afraid of women and trannies and needs to fire himself up everytime someone says something that can even remotely be twisted into some sort of hate speech. yep. tammy’s an closeted homophobe. you all got her right. i wish some day i can be as smart as all of you.

Wow. First of all, Andrew Belonsky wrote that post and would like say this:

Hi Jon, Thanks for the love note. You’re a doll. There are, however, a few things I’d like to say: first, I don’t recall calling TLM a homophobe. If I did think her a homophobe, I’d probably put it in the headline to draw more attention. Second, I love trannies and women, too. In fact, my favorite people are women who are also trannies. Figure that one out, smart guy. xoxo, Andrew.

Well, that’s that.

• On that same day (Thursday), we wrote on former lesbian and still black publisher Charlene Cothran’s religious conversion, a move that’s taken her magazine, Venus Magazine, in a decidedly dyke-less direction. In that post, we accidentally linked a different (yet somewhat similar) magazine, VenusZine, rather than Venus Magazine. One helpful – and suspicious – reader commented:

I actually find it quite amusing that Queerty posted the wrong link to Venus. Here’s the correct link, boys – Venus Magazine.

We’re not sure it’s so much amusing as a bit stupid, but thanks…or something.

• Now, that brings us to today – and what a day it’s been. You guys have been stellar today, but we’d like to give a special shout-out to reader Threnody, who apparently objects to our use of “cutie-patootie” in “Beefman Not Down With The Gays“: “Please, for the love of god, never EVER use “cutie-patootie” in a blog post again.” Yikes, you’re a bit sensitive, honey. But, since you said, “please” we’ll never do it again. Promise, you cutie-patootie, you. Oh, shit…

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