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TGIF, motherfuckers! While we’re totally gung-ho to get going on yet another lonely, dreary weekend, it wouldn’t be a true Friday without some love from Queerty ReBUTTal. After the jump, see what we had to say about what you had to say about things that we had to say earlier in the week. Wee!

Apologies to those of you who don’t get featured after the jump. There are just so many wonderful comments, we have a bit of a hard time picking them out. But, the more often you leave a message, the more often we’ll call you back. Whatever that means.

And, of course, all comments are totally [sic].

• What better place to start than Monday: the day gay “marriage” became legal in New Jersey. Obviously we wrote a little something (New Jersey’s Big Day). We expected more comments, but we’re grateful Garden State Equality’s Steve Goldstein piped in. Here’s what he had to say:

Last week’s decision by the New Jersey Attorney General to recognize the same-sex marriages of New Jersey couples performed in Canada and Massachusetts is not, as Queerty says, good news… in that the state AG says these marriages will be reognized in New Jersey only as civil unions. These marriages should be recognized as marriages and not relabeled as civil unions, which are separate, unequal and discriminatory.

Yes, you have a point there, but, of course, if the state were to recognize these “marriages” as marriage, then they’d have to change their own laws. Also, while we understand civil unions aren’t technically marriages, we think they’re better than nothing. Sure, we’re not ready to give up the fight, but we’re not looking to tarnish happy homo couples’ big days, either. We’ll wait at least a week for that…

• Now, onto Tuesday, when we posted a clever little post entitled Tim Hardaway For President? in which we chatted about a “concerned citizen” who used Hardaway’s name to rally the troops against Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools’ balanced sexual tutelage. He writes:

Tim Hardaway is my new hero. It is not easy to speak your mind when others (the liberal media) may not like it.

Understand that I am using this website to get your attention about an issue that I feel is important. Hate speach is not something I support.

I don’t hate gay people but I do hate how Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools are trying to teach that people can be born gay. There is no conclusive scientific evidence to support this.

We responded that there’s no scientific evidence to prove that the man’s an asshole. Apparently he didn’t like that, because he replied:

I nearly fell out of my chair when I was referred to as an “asshole” ! Considering the website this is….That is comedy!

Well, thanks. It’s really not that clever, but we’re glad we got a response. We’re confused, though: exactly what kind of website is this?

On a related note, there’s not scientific evidence to support reader mat’s comment:

I think it’s hilarious how all these straight guys condemn homosexuality yet, while they are doing this, they all go and buy the men’s magazines that show girl-on-girl action. Not to mention all that “straight” porn they purchase which contains girl-on-girl action. These straight guys need to be reminded that girl-on-girl is a homosexual act.

I hereby condemn straight males as being totally hypocritical and as having double standards in their attitudes to homosexuality. Straight guys = no credibility.

Now, now, that’s not true. There are plenty of credible straight men. Like who? Um, well, we can’t really think of any right now, but we’re sure there are…

• On Wednesday we had a little fun at gamer’s expense. In Gays Up In Arms Over Gamer’s Gay Guessing, when we wrote:

…who cares if a video game character’s gay? Seriously, they’re not real. Yeah, it’s nice to have gays represented everywhere, but it seems to us that since the characters are fake, all you have to do is use your imagination, something you should really be doing anyway…

Apparently “A Gay Gamer” didn’t appreciate this, for he (or she) wrote:

This blog has presented similar views in the past, insulting gamers for enjoying and being involved in “fictional” pastimes. From a blog that deals in gossip which is often untrue and misleading, I find it particularly insulting.

So, drooling over pictures of David Beckham bent over another soccer player in the middle of a game is dealing in reality? Give me break… I’m sure the editors think it’s cute and funny to be so glib about something they obviously know nothing about, but in the end it just makes them sound like extremely rude and bitter individuals… I will removing this blog from my RSS feeds until the editors of this blog wake up and realize that their petty, condescending, hypocritical rhetoric isn’t appreciated by everyone.

Yow. First of all, we’re sorry you took it so personally. Second of all, yes, we are bitter and rude individuals. We thought you knew that already. Finally, we know our rhetoric isn’t appreciated by everyone. But, then again, it’s not meant to be.

Next time a video game story comes up, we’ll be sure to give you gamers all the respect we can muster. Be warned, however, that doesn’t amount to much…

• Speaking of respect, Deadlee has none for his nemesis, Eminem. We relayed his comments in Deadlee’s Deadly Words for Eminem. Now, we love when a big homophobe’s name comes up, because then all his or her fans come out in support. Consider, for example, a reader named Austin’s response:

wow this guy is the biggest queer gays cant stand up for themselves their ass holes are too sore anyways from fudgepacking all night with their gay lovers… theres no way some faggot can win eminem in a freestyle he would be too afraid to break his nails or something, f fags!

Huh? If our assholes are so sore, wouldn’t we already be standing up for ourselves. We’d have no choice, really.

Another reader left this message for all of you “motherfuckers”:



IF U HAVE THE BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Care to take him up on his offer?

• And, finally, let’s take a second to review the comments left on today’s update on the ever-bitter war between Chris Crain and Joe Solmonese: Crain v. Solmonese: This Time It’s Personal. Two of you kids wondered whether or not there’s some romantic tension between the boys. We think it’s certainly possible, but we’d really rather not think about it. Seriously, our sperm load just dropped. Another reader, “adamblast”, had this to say:

The HRC, and GLAAD, and NGLTF do fine and important work. They’re by no means infallible, but it’s a shame they’re constantly being shit on by bitchy gay bloggers eager to make a name for themselves.

We certainly hope you’re not talking about us. If you are, you’re obviously not up to date, because we’ve made a name for ourselves. It’s Queerty and don’t you forget it.

Now, don’t go forgetting us over the weekend. We’ll be thinking about you and, possibly, touching ourselves inappropriately.