Queerty ReBUTTal

It’s that time again – Queerty ReBUTTal time! Hoo-ray!

You guys know the drill – we pick through all your heartfelt (and not so heartfelt) comments, select a few (but not necessarily the best) and respond accordingly.

Admire this week’s selection, after the jump.

• Like a bad acid trip, we found ourselves haunted by Ann Coulter this week. In one of our many stories in which she was referenced, we discussed a few conservative reactions to her faggot flinging (Coulter Cacophony: Conservatives Take on Ms. C’s Cuntiness). First and foremost, apologies to Deborah and subversive librarian for our use of “cuntiness”. We must say, however, that we’re always surprised when people take offense at the word cunt. It has such a nice, strong sound. If were were women, we’d totally refer to ourselves as cunt. It’s so sharp and effective!

Anyway, you guys offered some great comments, but we’d like to highlight Rev. Donald Spitz’s – um – contribution:

Either Edwards is a faggot or he is not a faggot. I hope he is not, because being a sex perverted faggot is a despicable and disgusting thing to be.

Oh god! We never looked at that way. No more penis for us! No way, Jose! It’s cunt from this point forward.

• One of the stories we were particularly fond of this week comes to us from Canada, where radio host Louis Champagne found himself in hot water after saying no factory workers would vote for openly gay politician Andre Boisclair (Radio Host Suspended After “Homophobic” Comment).

In that piece, we commented that Champagne’s comment didn’t have the same “panache” as Ann Coulter’s. A few of you took issue with that. For example, reader Terry wrote:

I would suggest that the Canadian story has infinitely more ‘panache’ than the tired, boring, repetetive Ann Coulter story.

Perhaps panache wasn’t the right word. Maybe we should have said “sizzle”.

Another comment that caught our eye came from regular commentator nystudman. He didn’t bother getting bogged down by semantics. Oh no. He went straight to the meat of the situation:

This is the 1st pic I’ve seen of Boisclair. Yo, dude, I’d snort off your snatch anyday!

Yeah, Boisclair’s cute, but we’re confused by two things here. First, since when do you call a penis a “snatch”? A snatch is a pussy. Also, snort what? Snorting shit of dick seems like a good idea, but we bet it gets a little messy. Just use a mirror like everyone else, homie.

• Former NBA layers John Amaechi and Tom Hardaway also made appearances this week. We informed you that the men – one gay, one a gay hater -may have a televised chat (Amaechi and Hardaway To Meet?). This apparently brought out the most cynical of the bunch. Reader “Pot” wrote:

Why the hell would Amaechi want to meet with him? And why, after someone says something stupid, does there need to be a summit about it? Hardaway is an idiot. Meeting with Amaechi won’t change that.

Brian echoed this sentiment:

Agree with Pot, I just don’t see the point in this except for the media continuing to spin a story out of control well beyond its end point. One therapy session, or one televised meet & greet can not remove someone’s homophobia…

We agree with both of you – to a degree. The appearance most likely won’t increase Hardaway’s brain power, nor will it necessarily cleanse him of his haterific ways, but at least it would be a chance for him to actually talk to an openly gay person. It may do no good, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. Who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us. Or maybe Amaechi will come out smelling even more like a rose. Either way, we’ll be watching.

• We also relayed news that poor pothead George Michael has a new drug charge. (New George Michael Drug Charges) Reader Christopher hypothesized that Georgie Boy will most likely just have to pay a fine. We agree – although, it would be kind of fabulous if he went to jail. Reader Kiru will probably be mad we said that. One the original post, he or she criticized: “Find it interesting, when good things happen to him, you dont post it on ur site.” That may be true, but we really can’t remember the last time George made headlines for doing anything good at all.

• Speaking of slanted coverage – we reported that the Soulforce Equality Riders got a rude awakening when a bunch of homo-hating thugs wrote gay slurs on their ride (Gay Activists Get Not-So-Welcome Wagon). The appropriately named Flipside commented:

I’ve seen the pictures of the bus vandalism on all the blogs, but no one has shown a picture of the Dordt College staff washing the windows, and likewise, no one mentioned that they volunteered to do so after hearing about the incident that occurred at the motel overnight.

That’s because we didn’t know. Nice to hear the staffers lent a helping hand. That gives us an idea – let’s all do the same this weekend. Only, rather than using your hands to clean, use ’em to do something dirty. Always nice to give back to the community, no?