Queerty ReBUTTal: Hotter Than Your Last Trick, But Not As Hot As You

Crikey! Another week gone? We’re getting older by the second!

Before we barrel into another booze-soaked weekend, let’s all take a second to look back at the week that was. That’s right, it’s Queerty ReBUTTal time! Yay!

Our new intern, Paul, graciously pulled each day’s most talked about stories. We talk about them once again, after the jump…

We’re going to spice things up a bit this week and start with today. Crazy, right?

Earlier we passed along a gay boy’s mama’s missive in which she blasted homo-haters for all their haterific ways [Gay Boy’s Mama Fights Back]. Not surprisingly, you guys loved it. Reader “WWH” described the piece thus: “Holy shit. That’s one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I’ve ever read.” Another reader, known only as “Dawster”, urged us to send it to Jim Naugle. We would, but rumor has it the homophobic Fort Lauderdale mayor ain’t a big reader. Who knew?

Speaking of knowing, readers “hisurfer” and “Heather L James” knew about this letter before us – in 2000. Apparently the woman wrote the letter way back in 2000. James tells us,

Believe it or not that letter originally appeared in the Valley News in April of 2000, and I hand it out to all the parents, at least those willing to listen, of the kids at our local [gay community center].

Sorry to bring up the old news, but as far as we’re concerned, that letter can be printed every goddamn day! It’s brilliant.

Not all the comments pertained to the mother’s anger. Following Jack E. Jett’s comment – “We should post this on every conservative website that we can” – “Kamasutra Jones” shot back:

Jack Jett, I think you mean that we should post this on every anti-gay website. Not all conservatives are anti-gay, nor are all liberals pro-gay. To align conservatism with anti-homosexuality and liberalism with pro-homosexuality is like aligning homosexuality with pedophilia (or every other cursed name we’ve been called for centuries).

Word. It’s true, too many people – including ourselves – equate right wingers with homophobes. That’s not cool. We’ll promise to watch our fingers if you guys do, too.

Moving on to Thursday, some of you had loads to say about Mika’s adaptation of “Big Girls” for ABC’s Ugly Betty. [Dear Mika, Why Are You Such A Sell Out?] While most of you agreed with us – Mika’s love of money’s loathsome – a few of you folk came to his defense. Consider what “Honeymaid” had to say:

I like Mika, you bitches that are all miffed about him not being completely open with his sexuality are just looking for a reason to hate. So what if he doesn’t tell, he’s got good music that I like, and as long as he doesn’t outright start spewing hatred, I’ll continue liking his music.

So what if he’s making money, corporate or not, I don’t honestly care, that’s how the world works, with money.

Please, Mary, there are plenty of other reasons to hate on Mika – his music’s not as original as people would like to imagine, for example – but we do think his hypocrisy’s pretty glaring. The singer built his reputation on being his own man, but now he’s adapting himself to other brands, namely Ugly Betty. If you’re willing to blast a cocksucker like Mark Foley, who built his image on family values, then why not hold our (presumably) own to the same standards? And, yes, “Scott G,” Mika’s “Love Today” appeared on Verizon pretty early on. Although, to be fair, the album had already been released in Europe, so it’s not technically before “Grace Kelly” blew up.

Wednesday brought us a rousing post called, quite simply, “What Is This?” Those of you who guessed cigar ash truly are brainiacs. Well done! Extra points to reader “demon W”, who took it a step further: “The blunt I tossed out at beer bust?” Meanwhile, reader “PLF” (Palestine Liberation Front, is that you?) made us laugh out loud: “One of Dick Cheney’s ROIDS.” There’s definitely a resemblance. Not that we’d now.

This brings us to Tuesday, when we reprinted part of a journo John Corvino’s assertion that homosexuality is, in fact, a choice. [Homosexuality Is A Choice, Says Journo] First, Hunter Hoop, we were speechless because, quite frankly, we wanted to hear what you kids had to say. We agree with most of you – homosexuality involves choices. Um, duh!! Reader Rowen writes:

John Corvino didn’t say that homosexuality was a choice, just that there are choices involved with Life. o_O Really?!! Being alive involves making choices?!!! Paging Captain Obvious!!!!

When someone asks, “Do you think homosexuality is a choice?,” they usually aren’t asking if the people have a choice to come out, or to sing show tunes, or picking 400 thread count sheets or going out with the hot guy or the rich one. They’re asking do you think we’re born gay, or did our mothers make us that way.

We do think, however, that Melissa Etheridge’s question at the gay forum didn’t involve the nuances many of you highlighted. But, yes, it’s not a clear cut question. As for solutions, let’s all consider what “Tallskin” left:

i have often thought it was a mistake for gay politics to get bogged down in the “born gay”, gay gene, argument, rather than tackling head on the reason why this culture does not like homo sex itself.

It’d be great for all of us to think about that one over the weekend. When you’re not, you know, having fun and all that.

Finally, let’s take a second to revisit Monday’s Merv Griffin-related post: “Who Pulled Merv Griffin’s Gay Strings?” The story recounted how Hollywood Reporter attempted to edit out the Hollywood titan’s homo history. At the end we asked you guys to guess which big wigs were holding the story back. Nobody answered our question. Readers did, however, take some time to go at each other’s virtual throats. Here’s a sample exchange:

Leland Frances: The message for today and tomorrow’s activists, for anyone, was uttered by Winston Churchill during WWII [you can Google him in case you’ve never heard of him either but I bet Merv admired him]: “With greatness comes responsibility.” Griffin had great talent, great personality, great friends, great connections, great wealth, and great opportunities to make the world better for millions of gays but was totally irresponsible instead. And he could have done it all from the closet.

Dawster: Poor Leland Frances… it must be really sad being you.

the past is there to learn from. the future is there to change. we take from the past knowledge and we use it on the future.

i have friends who are around Merv’s age who, to this day, have stayed in the closet even though they are successful businessmen. why don’t they come out? i’ve told you. i can understand, but i don’t agree. what did it take for those of the same age bracket to come out? i’ve told you. my heart breaks to know what mountains had to be overcome just to say three words, “i am gay”. i get both sides of that generation – and i’m very glad that i didn’t live in that time.

you either get the fear of the times, or you don’t. either way – i look forward, you look behind. guess which way time goes?

Damn girls, can’t we keep this civil? Time goes forward, Dawster. You’re right. Leland, you’re right, too: Griffin had lots of power and, thus, had lots of responsibility. We personally think he misused that responsibility. That’s all we say lest we get cut by one of your cutthroat bitches. Yow!

Have good, safe weekend, y’all. We’re off to the trough!