Queerty ReBUTTal: Just Like Mama Used To Make

It’s Friday readers. You know what that means: It’s Queerty ReBUTTal time!! Hoo-rah!

It’s a big one, so we’re not wasting any time.

Get to it, after the jump.

We’ll begin this edition of Queerty ReBUTTal at its logical starting point: Monday, when we passed along word that Mexico has granted at least one gay couple a good old fashioned conjugal visit (Gay Mexican Prisoners Get Lucky). Regular readers know where we stand on prisoner’s rights – they deserve certain privileges, including conjugal visits.

Reader WWH obviously disagrees:

Isn’t the same fight happening at some California prison? What’s good for the straights is good for the gays, I suppose. But, I don’t understand why conjugal visits are allowed at all. Its prison and not supposed to be fun. And, if your S.O. happens to be a criminal, too bad for you – loss of consortium goes with the territory.

Reader GrayWolf48 offers this interesting explanation:

The purpose of conjugal visits is to reduce sexual tension and prison rape. I believe studies also show that conjugal visits reduce the incidents of violence.

That makes sense. We’ve never been inside a prison, but we’ve been at a gay bar around closing time and we imagine the amount of sexual tension’s about the same – and just as ugly.

Some of you kid had plenty to say on Tuesday’s first post: Gay Activist Curbs Activism, Keeps Pen In Hand. In that post, we brought you the absolutely heart-wrenching news that Tully Satre, The Advocate’s teenage journo, will be cutting back his activist duties. Always outspoken, Jack E. Jett let us how he really feels about young Tully:

I say good fucking riddance to
bad fucking garbage. Yes, I do think he is nothing more than a gay Ann Coulter wannabe. I expect him to be the next President of the HRC.

Alright, Mr. Jett, “a gay Ann Coulter”? That’s ridiculous. If Mr. Satre were the gay Ann Coulter, he’d use his words to preach, not…oh, what’s that “Mr. B”:

Dear God, has there ever been a more smug, proselytizing brat in our midst? And I say that fully well aware that I’m as self-righteous a nelly as they come.

Anyway, I love how he speaks of his youthful ignorance while continuing to look down his nose at the rest of the world.

Not all of you guys spent syllables hating on Satre. “Allstarecho” leaves this missive:

I’ve enjoyed Tully’s writings. He has more common sense about gay issues than the majority of you older queens. Stop being jealous because someone with a bright mind is getting spotlight and you aren’t. He’s cute, sexy and has a brain. How novel a concept in the “when’s the next White Party, where’s my poppers” gay community!

Speaking of, didn’t we call that ecstasy dealer, like, an hour ago?

Now, we usually don’t do this, but we have to feature just one message from the post following Tully’s: Anti-Gay Naugle Way Off Base. Floridian journalist Steve Rothaus penned a piece in which he debunked Fort Lauderdale Mayor’s theory: gay men can’t stop fucking in public toilets. Rothaus writes, however, that the majority of public sex-seeking men are straight, which spurred this comment from GoodBuddy:

I once knew a straight man who had sex in public restrooms. He was a sex addict, and while his preferred ‘fix’ would be to have sex with a woman, when he really needed a ‘hit’ he would go for getting sucked off in a public place. His girlfriend had a lot of trouble with this.

We can’t imagine why.

Let’s jump forward a bit to, oh, about two hours ago, when we expressed our disgust with Michael Lucas’ most recent column in The New York Blade. In case you don’t recall, Lucas again spent his time railing against how hateful Muslims are and how they want all gay people killed etc etc, but neglected to offer any constructive criticism on how two groups can come together in peace. That’s because Mr. Lucas doesn’t want peace. He and his like-minded supporters would like nothing more than to see all Muslims destroyed, just like how Hitler wanted all the Jews and gays destroyed.

Lucas correctly points out that both the publisher and editor of this blog are gay and Jewish, but that’s about all he’s got right in his two comments. Here’s an excerpt from the first:

…You are trying to protect those who do not need your protection. Those who cut people’s throats and detonate themselves on public buses and subways.

I am an athiest, and I’m not really impressed with you making the silly suggestion of me trying to make a porn flick in the middle of a Haredim community in Israel. I’m not interested in making a porn flick in the middle of ANY religious community in the world. But I definitely can produce my porn flicks in any country of the West. But never in any Muslim country, be it what you call so-called more “moderate” or “fundamentalist.” …Stop dreaming about “moderate” Muslim countries. There is no place for gay Jews like you or me there.

But anyway, porn was not the issue of my Blade article at all. One of the important points was, that while the Western world is not ruled by the Bible, and Israel is not ruled by the Torah, the majority of Muslim countries are ruled by the Koran. And therefore I see Islam as a core of 30 years of terror unleashed against the West. And Islamic apologists like you are keeping people from waking up and facing the facts.

Here are the facts: First, we’ve never defended suicide bombers. Second, Mr. Lucas, your ignorance of the Haredim suggestion furthers our hypothesis: you’re a blatant islamophobe who’s just as bad as a bomb-strapped Arab. You have no respect for people’s differences. You tell us to “Stop dreaming about ‘moderate’ Muslim countries.” We urge you to stop dreaming about fundamentalist Muslims. Can’t you understand that not all Muslims fit into your tidy little description? As for Islam being the core of 30 years of terror, where does American capitalism, which you know so well, fit into your equation? And you say we give Democrats a bad name? We’ll let reader “fakechildhood” pipe in real quick:

if [Lucas] bothered to talk to a gay muslim person, i think he might have gotten a little more understanding out of the situation. like for example how gay muslims use the quran to validate their sexual identities – and use the quran as a means to seek justice and equality. which are two key features that the quran is pretty into.

It’s not the text that hurts people, Mr. Lucas. It’s the people reading the text. Or, rather, misreading.

Many of you agree with Lucas’ stance on this issue, for example, “stonerboy711”:

Queerty is only against Lucas because of his freaky face. When the religious police come looking for volunteers for their “summer camp”, be sure to be the first in line. You deserve it!

He continues:

If you think you can find anything affirming in any text by jews, christians or muslims, then get yo ass to the front of the line for the gas chamber BITCH!!!!!


Aren’t you lucky to have such a fair-minded supporter, Mr. Lucas? Too bad he thinks you look freaky. SB711 goes on to suggest we “put down the crack pipe and pick up the bong”. Honey, after all this, we need a fucking gravity bong the size of Mecca.

Have good weekends, everyone. And, no matter what you do, always be sure to judge people on their politics, religion, race, sexuality and, when possible, visible disabilities. If anyone’s different than you, turn away and run.