Queerty ReBUTTal: Special Cocksucking Republican Edition!!

Oh goodness! Can you believe another week blew by? Oh, sorry, perhaps that’s a poor choice of words considering we’ve dedicated this week’s Queerty ReBUTTal to Florida Representative Bob Allen, who got nabbed after offering a cop $20 and a blow job. A pretty sweet deal, except for the fact that Allen’s a heinous monster of a man. At least he’s got enough sense to know one would require dough to go down on him. Man’s got brains – just look at all the work he’s done for John McCain’s campaign. Oh, wait.

Allen’s story definitely garnered the most votes this week and we had a terrible time sorting through them, but we’ve managed to select our five favorites, which we’ve included after the jump.

Our first favorite comment comes from regular reader Paul, who starts his comment with a quote from our first post (Rep. Allen Arrested for Gay Solicitation):

“No self-respecting hooker would blow that man for less than $25!”

I once knew a man who had been a hustler. He use to charge $60 to give head, but $80 to get it. Surprisingly, he gave very few bj’s.

“That’s all those closet cases want, man, they want that cock in their mouth. They wanna taste that dick so bad, they’ll pay for it!”


Funny you should mention that, because our celeb-obsessed cousin Mollygood irreverently linked this article on latent homosexuality. This excerpt seems especially appropriate:

Latent homosexuality is an erotic tendency toward members of the same sex which is not consciously experienced or expressed in overt action. The term was originally proposed by Sigmund Freud. According to Freud, “latent” or “unconscious” homosexuality which derived from failure of the defense of repression and and sublimation permit or threaten emergence into consciousness of homosexual impulses, which give rise to conflict manifested in the appearance of symptoms. These symptoms include fear of being homosexual, dreams with manifest and “latent” homosexual content, conscious homosexual fantasies and impulses, homosexual panic, disturbance in heterosexual functioning, and

    passive-submissive responses to other males.

This, taken with Representative Allen’s legislative crusade against “lascivious” behavior say a little somethin’ somethin’.
Next, we have to give a shout out to “Stoneboy711,” who manages to reference three other Queerty stories – two of which involve Bill O’Reilly – in his comment:

Well, I bet if they had one of that fancy toilets like they want in Fort Lauderdale, this good man of faith would have never been tempted by those evil homofuxuals. Also, after those Padres invited fags to their baseball game their evil has spread faster than lesbian gangbangers on a virgin christian pussy.

Who says stoners have bad memories?

Reader Stevo raised a serious issue when he commented on the Allen police report (“It it was agreed that he would pay me $20.00 in order to perform a “blow job” on me.”):

Isn’t this a case of police entrapment?

Granted I do not like Bob Allen, but the way he was found out sounds fishy to me.
This could just as easily have happened to a nice, married, democrat. Would we be so titillated by it then – or would we be slamming the cop?

Yes, it does sound a bit like entrapment. As queertext points out:

…By the cop’s own admission he said “hey buddy,” and “what’s up” and sent back all the signals you’re supposed to send if you are cruising. Allen’s a fuck for being anti-gay when he’s really looking for cock to suck, but this system of policing and criminalizing gay sex is even worse…

Sexual policing definitely stinks, but we’re going to have to agree with reader Gregg – on all counts:

This guy is a pig and I’m glad his hypocrisy has been revealed. But I still think cruising and even paying for sex should be legal. There was no indecent exposure here. (and looking at Allen, let’s be grateful for that!)

Indeed. We’d hate to see what Allen looks like naked. Still, not all readers were entirely grossed out. From Jack E. Jett:

Wow, this story almost caused me to reach for my bottle of Rush…….then I looked at the dude again.

Hot story.

Thanks Queerty…

You’re welcome, Mr. J. And thank you all for commenting on this story. It’s nice to see we’re all rallying around a homophobe’s downfall. And a big thank you to reader Good Buddy for providing this video of Allen getting released from prison:
Good, buddy!!

Have a good weekend, readers!!