Queerty ReBUTTal: Special Edition

There were so many comments this week that we don’t even know where to begin with this week’s Queerty ReBUTTal. So, rather than offending someone by not picking their comment – they were really all lovely, thank you – we’re using this space to feature an electronic exchange between ourselves and a reader.

The topic? Alexis Arquette. We won’t give away the details, but we will say the reader blows up Arquette’s spot, if you know what we mean…

Note: You should probably read “Alexis Taking Trans Struggle To Silver Screen”. It’ll help.

Reader: I just saw [Alexis Arquette] last night and if you know a few trannies, like i do, you can tell she has not done one thing except cross dress. Poorly. She is only a transvestite, not a transsexual. I know she originally shopped this [movie] as a reality show and it didn’t work. The whole thing is a pr stunt. She has had no surgery or hormones. I have heard it from three people who know her…

Queerty: Ooo, girl, this is a scandal!

Reader: Why do you think she doesn’t want to talk about what she has done (not). Yes, she may want to do good by putting the trannie cause out there, but she is also taking away from the real trannies that have gone through the full surgeries and hormones, that have gone through pain and will probably die from cancer of years of hormones. In some countries now, I forgot which ones, if you live as an opposite sex, you can
get the same rights to change your sex on documents as people who had the surgery. Living in drag can be painful – (look at Sherry Vine) – hard on your life. I have a personal friend [who] had full surgery and it’s not easy. My friend had family support and $ to do all the surgery quickly at one time and she is still a little mentally fucked up. Anyway, back to Alexis: great for her, but let’s see [her] naked and not some airbrushed picture…

Queerty: You’re thinking of Spain. Also, Arquette addressed the reality show question at yesterday’s press conference. Huffington Post’s Katherine Thomson writes:

[Arquette] was self-deprecating about her now defunct friendship with Us Weekly reporter Ian Drew, who at one point wanted to produce a reality show about her transformation. “Eventually I started to realize his work as a tabloid reporter might have SOMETHING to do with our friendship.”

Hmmm, we really have nothing more to say on this subject. We must, however, share this reader provided link to a picture of an eye-popping pre-transition Arquette.

That should hold you over until Monday…