Help Wanted

Queerty Seeking Cheeky Blogging Genius

Queerty is looking for experienced full and part time bloggers to add to our creative content team.

Got that special Queerty style? Know the difference between wit and snark? Have a wide ranging love for and commitment to LGBT life, culture, entertainment and politics? Can you go from the big picture to the smallest details in seconds?

Things move pretty fast at the world’s leading LGBT blog, so quantity and quality are equally important.

Writing and editing gigs range from occasional to contributor status to full time. We are based in SF, where we also run GayCities, but are fans geographic representation. Salary is start up level, but rewards are nothing short of immense.

Send resume and links to relevant posts in the body of an email (no attachments, please!) to [email protected].

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  • just sayin

    “….Know the different (sic) between wit and snark?”

    Wow, glad you’re trying new things! It will be interesting to see what Queerty looks like when there’s someone like that on staff!!!

  • fagburn

    Maybe you should have found these good writers/bloggers before you re-launched.
    Just sayin’…

  • Lefty

    I would like too, appley four the posittion.

  • Alex

    @just sayin: You beat me to the punch!

  • divkid

    for this prestigious position i nominate my cat mrs tibbles (partially lobotomised, she could prove to be overqualified. if so remove remaining half of brain with crotchet hook.)

    salary to be paid in fish heads.

  • Shannon1981

    I run two blogs. One a humor blog for lesbians, one an anti bullying blog, that is in an “under construction” point at this point. The occasional post- once a month, maybe- would be awesome for me. However, I admit, other than being a forum addict, IT student, and two amateur blogs with few hits…my resume in this area is lacking.

    Now, exactly what are you looking for as far as that goes, so I know whether or not to contact you? I don’t want to waste my time or yours.

    P.S. I’ve got the snark/wit down. All you have to do is read my comments to know that.

  • divkid

    @Shannon1981: i knew it… like a rat up a drain pipe. lol.

    anyway, mrs tibbles doesn’t want the gig anymore — she said it would be a sideways move (she’s holding out for pam’s house blend ) — so the field is now clear. and you’ve got my vote shannon.
    (on proviso that you provide a link to your “humour blog” so we can forensically dissect your every utterance for it’s comedic efficaciousness, whilst simultaneously analysing it’s socio-political ramifications, and also probing your psychological and idealogical fitness. we just love love love to JUDGE!! (so no pressure then! haha)

    good luck.

  • Shannon1981

    well I sent a call out. We’ll see if they respond! Thanks Queerty.

  • divkid

    glad you applied.
    after perusing your blog i’m impressed (hmmm, but i wonder why you post so infrequently? surely *not* because you’ve practically taken up residence here, huh? :-) ). it was particularly good to hear that other breezier side of your personalty; we know you can do the fearless crusader.

    you’ve also got mrs tibbles mark of approval [indulge me, i’m between medications : / ] she thinks you’d bring a unique voice and be a welcome addition to queerty. i agree.

    also, at the risk of winning the kiss-ass-nepotist-of-the-year award, i’d love to see jeffree give it a shot too. he can do clever, and, sly wit, simultaneously and with subtlety and grace. i’d love to see what he’d come up with in a longer format.

    i’d read both of you… DO read both of you. you’re both part of that select handful of people i come here in order to get your take on the issues: so i can steal them wholesale — otherwise i’d have to form my own opinions. and that would be no fun.
    go get ’em tiger.

  • Shannon1981

    @divkid: awwww! *cuddles* The assholishness here is deliberate, divkid. You gotta be tough in the trenches. I am actually a pretty nice person. And I post infrequently because nobody reads on the “So You Want To Be a Lesbian?” blog. As for Stop the Hate Stop the Hurt- there are three admins there, and we all have pretty busy lives off line, and its hard to coordinate. We are working on that.

  • Shannon1981

    And you are right about Jeffree. He definitely has my vote.

  • M.


    No! he is disgusting conformist.

  • Shannon1981

    M I love Jeffree! He is refreshing,witty, intelligent, and snarky.

  • M.

    Jeffree is anti-gay, stupid, hypocritical, pseudo-bisexual sluts lover! I don’t want news about pseudo-bisexual sluts who teach people in their music videos that girls can kiss both guys and girls, but guys can kiss only girls.

    Jason. He is the best candidate!

  • Cam


    1. Shannon, If your comments are anything to go on, you would have some fun postings except for the fact that, well, as a lesbian will you need to read up on humor?

    2. Queerty, will you make Shannon sign the special Queerty “Do what you can to lie and make the Mormon Church look Gay Friendly” pledge?

    Ok, #1 was wit, #2 was snark.

    That said, Shannon, seriously, your comments on here are funny and even when you and I disagree they are smart and on point. I’m betting you’d be posting some great articles. Good luck!

  • boring

    I will take my money in gold doubloons.


  • Snapper59

    “I would like too, appley four the posittion.”

    Your hyred!!

  • LillianWoods

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  • Fang2012

    I sent an e-mail to queerty awhile back looking to contribute. This was most of my message:

    I like queerty for what it is, but I think it would be a lot better if we raised the discourse to a level that resembles a blog like Jezebel. We’d want it to be chic, sexy, somewhat intellectual, fun and have lots of perspectives (can we see more POCs, plz?).

    I think the gay community is infantilized by mainstream politics and superficial catchphrases like “we’re born this way.” We need to gain a more cerebral understanding of our sexuality and the politics behind it. Queerty could be that forum if we worked hard and found a variety of interesting perspectives penned by good writers! Just my two cents. Thoughts?

    Does anybody else feel this way? I want to contribute, but I don’t really have any blogging experience, so I’m not going to apply for a position. Queerty already has the numbers in readership, so maybe they don’t feel inclined to change. I just think it could be so much more (better).

  • Cam


    Now THAT was snark. Awesome. lol

  • Rockery

    Why did Q dig out this 2 year old post? I guess it saves time rather than retyping it.



  • RebeccaConner

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