Mark Indelicato on his favorite ’Ugly Betty’ memories and ’Secret Celebrity Drag Race’

October 13, 2022
Years before he was shablaming all over the 'Secret Celebrity Drag Race' stage as Thirsty Von Trapp, Mark Indelicato was known to the world as 'Ugly Betty's' Justin Suarez.

In a special mini-'Ugly Betty' reunion, Queerty brings together Indelicato with our social media manager, Jake Thompson, who once worked on the set of the ABC dramedy all those years ago.

Together again, the pair reminisced on their favorite on-set memories, the show's legacy of LGBTQ and Latinx (and Vanessa Williams!) representation, and the very special role Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" has played in Indelicato's career.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Indelicato shares how his longtime 'Drag Race' fandom made him a lip-sync assassin, and reveals which drag queen begged him for an extra special guest role on 'Hacks.'

Video edited by Terence Krey.