Keegan-Michael Key & Andrew Rannells on how to kiss Meryl Streep without really trying

December 11, 2020
As it turns out, Keegan-Michael Key and Andrew Rannells both know a bit about musicals.

Rannells, of course, scored his break out as the star of Broadway's 'The Book of Mormon' back in 2011. Since then he's scored roles on the TV series 'Girls' and 'Big Mouth.'

Key burst onto the scene as the co-star of the sketch comedy series 'Key & Peele,' opposite Jordan Peele. He's also had popular roles in 'Parks and Recreation' as well as 'Fargo.'

Now the two team with Meryl Streep, James Corden, Kerry Washington and Nicole Kidman for the musical comedy 'The Prom,' directed by Ryan Murphy. The film follows a group of down-on-their-luck Broadway performers who rush to the side of a small-town girl banned from her senior prom for being a lesbian. The film arrives on Netflix December 11.

We snagged time with Key & Rannels to discuss the film, their characters, and how to remain positive in the face of monster trucks.

Video Editor: David Beerman