Michael and Michael Are Gay: We Need a Web Series

August 17, 2020
Michael and Michael try to put themselves out there... what could possibly go wrong?


Created & Written by
Michael Rachlis and Michael J Feldman

Directed by
Michael J Feldman

Director of Photography
Ian Alda

Edited by
Michael J Feldman and Ian Alda

Produced by
Mikhail Makeyev

Associate Producer
Fanny Pierre

Production Design
Michael Rachlis

Michael Goldstein … Michael J. Feldman
Michael Rosenblatt … Michael Rachlis
Edgar Ableman … John Levenstein
May ... Sofia Gonzalez
Mahmoud Sharif … Parv Cheena
Emilio the Bartender ... Paul Diaz
Boi Pussi ... Dakota Greene
Hot Tub Drink Taker ... Sal Nicholas
Terry the Rideshare Rider ... Maxwell Esposito
Weho Ambassador … Mark Cirillo
Network TV Announcer ... TJ Linnard
Fatima Sharif ...Debbie Jhoon
Hot Tub Attendees ... Ray Stafford, Johnny Cross, Larry
Woodley, Joey Comes

Sound Design / Sound Mixing
Nate Scott

Sound / Boom Op
Corey Baker

After Effects
Justin Chandra

Opening Titles
Mathew Francis

Opening Theme
Lizzy Loeb, Christina Loeb, and Michael Garner
Courtesy of Desert Palms Music

Special Thanks
Hi Tops Weho and Everyone Watching!!!!