Cheyenne Jackson and Nils Hognestad skewer the holiday romance in ’A Clüsterfünke Christmas’

December 4, 2021
Call it a comedy roast on an open fire. Comedy Central gets into the holiday movie game with the outrageous parody 'A Clüsterfünke Christmas' this December 4. And of course, leave it to the queers to bring fabulousness to the proceedings.

In this case, the queers would be Cheyenne Jackson and Nils Hognestad, the actors stepping into the roles of the male leads. Like countless other Christmas romances, 'A Clüsterfünke Christmas' follows Holly (Vella Lovell), a big city real estate woman sent to procure a tiny New England inn in hopes of turning it into a mega-resort. Upon arrival, she's immediately taken with Frank (Jackson), a handsome local son. She also befriends Percy (Hognstad), a nerdy -slightly- femme local married to his local sweetheart. Cough.

With a script by 'SNL' alums Rachel Dratch and Ana Gasteyer (who also play supporting roles in the film), 'A Clüsterfünke Christmas' skewers the Hallmark-style holiday movie while somehow managing to capture the magic of the holidays too.

We caught up with the handsome male leads of the movie to chat about Christmas, comedy and their work on the film just ahead of release. 'A Clüsterfünke Christmas' comes to Comedy Central December 4.

Video Editor: David Beerman.