I think that's a wrap... 400M Risk (With Chat Reaction)

from: Abyss ·
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Well, I don't want to spoil it but hope you enjoyed the video. That was RoT who hit me, after numerous tries this was DEFINITELY the scariest tank I've done on stream. I was getting absolutely obliterated by spec trades and fair play I made quite a few mistakes as well. I think if I didn't run south and decided to use negates from either GWD entrance or hobbs I would've done a lot better, I kept anti wyvern shield on for too long and wasn't taking the tank seriously until I was on about 5 brews I started to think about how close this really was. Once again, exceptional hit and had a lot of fun with this one for sure. This will probably be the last video I upload doing tank tests unless you guys actually want to keep watching these. I was hoping to do 1 on each team but idk if i can promise that, usually just raggers after me these days.

Until next time.. more videos coming soon.