David Archuleta on his sexuality and why he’s no longer afraid to “tempt improper thoughts”

November 10, 2022
After winning over hearts in 2008 to become the runner-up of American Idol's seventh season, David Archuleta was the country's pre-eminent Mormon pop star.

But, over the years, Archuleta was struggling with a secret—one he tried to pray away. Last summer, however, he worked up the courage to publicly come out, and started taking steps to live his life loudly and proudly as a gay man.

Now, after releasing new music that points to an upbeat, optimistic future, the singer is opening up about his journey with faith and sexuality. In an honest and open-hearted conversation with Queerty, Archuleta reflects on the "ashamed," closeted person he once was, and how he hopes to "break the cycle" by embracing the beauty of queerness.

Archuleta also reflects on the early success of his first single, "Crush," and why that track found a vocal queer audiences years before he even realized he was gay himself. Plus, hot off the heels of his successful run in a regional production of ' Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,' Archuleta shares how the musical he describes as "Utah p*rn" allowed him to let his guard down.

Video edited by Terence Krey.