The ’Somebody Somewhere’ cast on the “quietly radical” comedy’s second season

April 21, 2023
When the small-town comedy 'Somebody Somewhere' debuted in early 2022, it felt like a breath of fresh air: Warm, witty, and welcoming—especially for the queer community.

Now it returns for season two, as wonderful as ever, but amid a concerning wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation sweeping the country, including in Kansas where the show is set.

While 'Somebody Somewhere' eschews any overt discussion of politics, its hopeful themes—that we're worthy of love, that we can find community anywhere—feel especially radical in these dark times.

Hilarious star Bridget Everett as well as Jeff Hiller and Murray Hill (both queer actors who play queer characters) sat down with Queerty to discuss the series' quiet power and share their hopes that 'Somebody Somewhere' reaches those who need it most.

Elsewhere in our conversation, the cast reveals the origins of one of season two's most unexpected needle drops, shares behind-the-scenes secrets from living in the "Ding Dong Dorm," and Jeff Hiller opens up about bouncing between this gentle comedy and the freaky frights of 'American Horror Story.'

Video edited by Terence Krey.