’Summer Of ’85’ director François Ozon on crafting an erotic, gay thriller

June 15, 2021
François Ozon has range.

At 53 the handsome, erudite, openly gay French director doesn't hesitate to show off his range. With a filmography that includes 19 feature films such as 'Swimming Pool' and 'By the Grace of God,' Ozon ranks as one of the most lauded out-gay directors in the world.

Now Ozon outdoes himself yet again with the erotic thriller 'Summer of '85.' A boating accident results in the meeting of Alex and David (Félix Lefebvre and Benjamin Voisin). Six weeks later, Alex gets arrested and recalls the torrid relationship that led him to this point. But what sets a story of first love apart from one of obsession? 'Summer of '85' will have audiences engaged in fierce debate.

Full of burning questions after seeing the film, we caught up with Ozon in France where he's in post-production on his next film, 'Everything Went Fine.' He (and his translator, Sophie) spared a few minutes to chat with us about 'Summer of '85', his inspirations, and his ambitions as a filmmaker.

'Summer of '85' plays Frameline45 beginning June 15 and the Provincetown Film Festival June 17. It opens in theatres nationwide June 18.

Video Editor: David Beerman