A year after bravely sharing his story with the world, Colton Haynes stands prouder than ever.

May 31, 2023
The past year has been a cathartic one for Colton Haynes.

The former model-turned-actor, known for his roles in MTV’s supernatural drama Teen Wolf and The CW’s superhero series Arrow, has spent the better part of the last 15 years in the limelight.

But as Haynes’ star climbed, so did the unwanted focus on his private life, which eventually forced him to publicly come out in 2016—something he says agents and managers had been telling him not to do since the earliest days of his career.

Following this significant decision, Haynes often found himself unwillingly caught up in the media cycle, as he dealt with anxiety, battled alcohol addiction and substance abuse, and coped with the tragic losses of his mother and sister, just two years apart.

And then came his memoir, Miss Memory Lane, released a year ago this week. More than a tell-all, Miss Memory Lane finds Haynes reclaiming his story. That’s why he’s a Queerty #Pride50 honoree, presented by Xfinity. Follow the #linkinbio to read more on Colton’s story. #Xfinity #XfinityPride #Pride #ColtonHaynes #LGBTQ #Pride2023