We chat up ’Twilight’s Kiss’ director Ray Yeung about men in love, and the future of gay rights in China

February 10, 2021
Few queer films taking on the subject of aging. Few queer films address the issue of LGBTQ rights in China. Director Ray Yeung just did both.

The Hong Kong-born director, known for his films 'Cut Sleeve Boys' and 'Front Cover' (the latter of which offered a breakout role to a then-unknown Jake Choi) has returned with his most dangerous and tender work to date: the drama 'Twilight's Kiss.' The film arrives in virtual cinemas February 10.

The film follows the story of Pak (Tai-Bo), a Hong Kong cab driving on the brink of retirement. Though he has a wife and extended family, Pak finds himself cruising for gay sex in public areas. When his path crosses Hoi (Ben Yuen), the pair find themselves irresistably attracted to one another. Yet, for Hoi, old age means finally living as an out-gay man, and doing work to help his community. For Pak, their love means a happy, if uncertain future, and abandoning the family he loves.

We snagged some time with Yeung to discuss the film, the issues facing an aging generation of gay men and the future of LGBTQ people in the still-homophobic China.
'Twilight's Kiss' lands in virtual cinemas February 10.

Video Editor: David Beerman.