TECH PRIDE: Angelica Ross

February 6, 2019
What's the word for a hot nerd? Herd?

Whatever the term, that's one of the ways entrepreneur and actress (you may recognize her as the firey Candy Abundance on FX's Pose) Angelica Ross identifies, and just like people don't expect bookworms to have sex appeal, she's built an entire company culture that breaks the mold of the typical tech startup stereotype.

Ross founded TransTech Social Enterprises, an incubator where LGBTQ tech talent -- with a strong emphasis on the 'T' -- can access resources to see their ideas grow past the dream stage to become real.

In an industry that's dominated by straight white men, the value of having a dedicated organization empowering marginalized LGBTQ communities can't be overstated. Technology has never been more integrated into our daily lives, and we all benefit when there's real diversity among those creating it.

Queerty caught up with Ross to hear about how she got her start and what continues to inspire her.