Lin-Manuel Miranda reveals how a messy room led him all the way to ’tick...tick...BOOM!’

November 19, 2021
Lin-Manuel Miranda doesn't slow down.

Fresh off the success of the film version of his musical 'In the Heights,' the mind behind 'Hamilton' returns this fall with his directorial debut, a film version of the stage musical 'tick...tick...BOOM!' The movie streams on Netflix November 19.

The movie follows the plight of future 'Rent' composer Jonathon Larson (Andrew Garfield) on the eve of his 30th birthday. Jon can't seem to find success as a composer, and with the days ticking by, his angst begins to take its toll on his relationship with girlfriend Susan (Alexandra Shipp) and gay bestie Michael (Robin de Jesús). Plagued by self-doubt, Larson becomes aware of a constant ticking…the sound of life passing by before the alarm finally tolls.

We caught time with Miranda to discuss his adaptation of the show, and how his own life foreshadowed his connection to the material. 'tick...tick...BOOM!' streams on Netflix November 19.

Video Editor: David Beerman.