Meet the married authors whose sweet love story plays out in their books

May 26, 2023
In the acknowledgements of his 2020 debut novel, 'A Star Is Bored,' Byron Lane thanked his then-boyfriend, fellow author Steven Rowley, in a sweet paragraph that ended with the words, “Will you marry me?”

Then, in the acknowledgements of his own 2021 novel, 'The Guncle,' Rowley finally gave his public reply: “A thousand times YES.”

Now, with the knot long tied, both of the pair’s next books are hitting shelves—and on the same day, May 30, just in time for Pride month.

We caught up with Steven Rowley and Byron Lane to learn about each of their newest books ('The Celebrants' and 'Big Gay Wedding,' respectively) and to get a glimpse into their lives in a two-author household.

'The Celebrants' is available for order through Penguin Random House, and 'Big Gay Wedding' is available for order through Macmillan Publishers.

Video edited by Terence Krey.