Queerty Weekend

Queerty Weekend: Get Cultured or Get Spiked

It’s the start of the weekend and for once, we’re hoping to go to bed at a decent time. Still, there’s now way in hell we’re going to spend the weekend hanging around the house doing crafts or puttering. This is Spring! Time to get out and see the world– and what better way to do that (in moderation) that through the lens of American’s cutting edge queer filmmakers? This weekend is just lousy with LGBT film festivals across the country and we’re not only going for the film, but because “We met at a screening of a documentary about Brazilian two-gender shamans” sounds ten times more interesting (and more potentially lasting) than “We met at [insert random gay bar here].”

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Various locations

Presented by HBO, Southern Florida’s two largest LGBT film festivals pack a double punch with film selections that include a special focus on Spanish-language LGBT cinema. Other goodies include an evening with John Waters, an opening night gala at Hotel Intercontinental Hotel overlooking Miami’s Biscayne Bay and a ladies night event featuring celebrity female chefs.


The North Coast Invasion Volleyball Tournament
Cleveland State University

Under the watchful eye of the North American Gay Volleyball Association, Cleveland’s finest will doff their shirts and battle it out in this weekend-long tourney that is rated at different levels and is open to all NAGVA members in good-standing. Whether you’re in to spiking the ball or getting spiked, head on down to Cleveland Stat University to get a taste of what Cleveland may be like if it wins its bid for the upcoming Gay Games.


concerto_500Through 4.26
Paris Gay and Lesbian Theater Festival
Various Locations

Because a Paris-based LGBT film festival (we know there is one, just play along for the bit, ok?) would be nothing but New Wave style re-editings of Jerry Lewis classics with porn scenes spliced in for counterpoint, we recommend Paris’ innovate Gay & Lesbian Theater Festival. The plays range from the seemingly upbeat “My Double Life” to the darkly comic “Penetrator”. As for “Concerto en laminor”, we think the flyer speaks for itself.