Ask Away

Queerty Will Answer All Your Questions

riddlergropesbatmanThat should read “Queerty will answer some of your questions, probably not the ones that are stupid, unless phrased in an entertaining way, but if enough of you ask the same stupid question, we’ll answer it, too”, but that would make a messy headline.

Got a question for Queerty you always wanted answered, but were too afraid to ask? Now’s your chance! On Friday, we’ll take the best of your questions and answer them. We’re responsible to you, our loyal readers and so for one day only, your editor will doff his ombudsman cap and take you on a tour under the hood of your favorite website. Have a question about a story? Want to know, as one recent emailer asked us, “Why there’s a huge banner ad for dianetics on the left hand side of the Queerty classic screen this morning” (Answer: We’re a front for Scientology. Duh)? All your most pressing questions will be answered– assuming you leave them for us in the comments section, below.