Queerty Wish List: Jeffery Self & Cole Escola

To celebrate the holidays, Queerty is playing Santa to all your favorite folks and asking what they want under the tree/ next to the menorah/ beside the Saturnalia bonfire this year, no Ms. America answers allowed.

Jeffery Self and Cole Escola have, in a few short months, become the Internet’s favorite gay comedy duo, with their YouTube video series “The VGL Gay Boys Present…” and for those of you who question the value of spending your days making funny jokes half-naked in front of your iMac, we’re happy to be the first to announce that Cole and Jeffery have nabbed a development deal at Logo, Viacom’s gay cable network. In addition to pitching TV projects to the network, they are now producing a twelve half-hour episode series that will run on Logo’s web site as well as Friday’s on the network.

So what do you get a couple of boys that are gonna make it after all? Find out, over the jump.

Jeffery Self:

It’s an easy decision. I was searching through Amazon just now for ideas when I stumbled upon Season One of “Cybill” on DVD and I almost pissed my pants. How did I not know “Cybill” is on DVD?! It says “Volume One” which might just mean Season One but could also mean its just one of those “Best of” sets. Those really piss me off. They did that with “Designing Women” as well. What’s the point? I mean…. “Wings” and “Caroline in the City” get their own complete season DVD sets and a master work like “Designing Women” gets stuck with “Best of”. Who wants to watch just a mere sprinkling of their favorite episodes? Especially shows like “Cybill” or “Designing Women”. Give me all of Annie Potts and Christine Baranski or give me death.

So yea. “Cybill” Volume One (whatever that means) on DVD.

Cole Escola:

This Christmas I want the 1968 Elvis Presley Comeback Special CD/DVD-Combo Set. Did you know the musical director for that special was also Bea Arthur’s musical director for her one-woman show? It’s true. Do I think that Elvis Presley and Bea Arthur are actually the same person? I never said that. But you can’t say you’ve never wondered how Presley’s death could happen so closely in conjunction with the premiere of Maude. Anyway, that’s what I want for Christmas. Either that or some seasons of The Golden Girls. Strangely, they both seem to satisfy the same craving…