Queerty Wish List: ZeFrank

To celebrate the holidays, Queerty is playing Santa to all your favorite folks and asking what they want under the tree/ next to the menorah/ beside the Saturnalia bonfire this year, no Ms. America answers allowed.

If you’ve ever seen a YouTube video of someone talking through a series of ironic jump cuts and clever visual gags, you’ve been effected by the influence of ZeFrank, who’s been thinking so you don’t have to on the web since 2001. From recording a video podcast every day for a year (warning: time sink!) to turning Twitter into a virtual summer camp, ZeFrank’s challenged people to see the Internet not as a passive box you watch, but as a game you play. Check out his TED talk if this kind of thing excites you. He also sells a really cool t-shirt that reads “I Love Gay Celebrities”.

So, what toy does the Web’s master toymaker want for himself? Find out after the jump.

I’ve been a fan of adam frank’s (no relation) light based installation work, and recently found out that he is selling a variety of gift items for the home:

“Reveal” projects light onto any wall to create the illusion of light casting shadows through a window.

And “lumen”: is an updated version of a toy that has been around for centuries.

Oh yeah – and peace on earth.