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Queerty Wishes You a Safe and Happy New Year


This is the part where we say goodbye. No, not forever! Just until the new decade starts. We’re cutting out a little early today so we can get our New Year’s festivities started, but that doesn’t mean we’re kicking y’all out. In fact, you’re welcome to make this post your own. Tell us: What are you doing for New Year’s? Who are you spending it with? Are you celebrating this “gay” New Year’s? And what special resolutions — or halfhearted promises — are you making to yourself for Jan. 1?

We may be in and out tomorrow, depending on how much nursing our hangovers require.

In the meantime, the one-and-only Davey Wavey has his own resolution tips! Which he’s now hawking for a fee!

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  • terrwill

    Damm you guys went out bunching up the panties really tight on a bunch of Quertposters by having Davey Wavey one ‘mo time, and you did it in a stealth kinda sorta way. I have no problem with Davey, he is goofy hot. However I will make one request of y’all: You have given him tons of publicity since the like the ’40s now. Its time that Davey pays you and the Queertypeeps back with a fully naked vid.

    >> Unless we see peen he won’t be seen on Queerty!

    Here is to a Healthy and Happy New Year to (most of) you all :~P
    Hopefully the comming “10” decade will truly be a ten for the Gays…………….

  • hyhybt

    I’m going to stay home and read a book.

  • Fitz

    We are both on call tonight. People be safe. let me have a fucking night off. lol.

  • Mike L

    OK, my resolutions are in no order.

    Get my freaken driver’s license asap! 24 yrs old, yeah I know I’m just slow on the growing up part, plus I have no one to practice w at the momment :(

    Lose 100 lbs, well maybe 80 lbs by August (my bday). I’ve lost 47 lbs in 3 and 1/2 moths b4, I can do this. only workouts, walking and healthy eating (it’s tough when your from a hispanic/Mexica background b/c there’s a lot of fattening food in the culture).

    Apply to college by fall for the following year.

    Grow up, and be more responsible.

    Find out who I am, I tend to be fake sometimes (not on purpose it just happens), and I catch myself and retract from that. It’s hard at times. I’m making a conscious effort to truely find and be myself outside of any external factors.

    Have serious talks with fam and friends to call me by my new name (yes changed it for peronal reasons, my old name just rings bad in my ears), and what I want my career to be for the rest of my life. There will be haters and doubter but screw them.

    Do what I want to do, live my life as I want, and strive for my goals regardless of others, have no regrets what so ever just learn from my mistakes. I can only live this one life once, don’t wanna waste it.

    Well I have loads of stuff to do, and I will do it. I’ve wasted 6 years of my life since HS (wow I could’ve has a BS by now in Elgish or Film Studies/Screen writing), not gonna waste a moment longer.

    I wish everyone a great New Years, I truely hope all your goals for this year become real, in fact your goals for this upcoming decad-whole new decade gotta plan long term boys.

    Well I hope DW get a hot aussie for the rest of us, lol. I’m just nuts about accents, Aussie/Western (American)/English/Scottish/Irish/NewZealander/Spanish(from the european country)/French/German/Russian just so many to say which is my fav).

  • Brian NJ

    Who deserves the gold metal for a rapid-fire supreme success blog that works like mad to inform, elevate and enervate us?

    Thank you for a kick ass year.

  • Mike L

    Brian NJ

    Are there guidos/guidettes in your neighbourhood?

    Just curious.

    Sorry, I’m just planning to dress up as a guidette 4 halloween nxt year. My inspiration will be Donatella Versace lol.

  • InExile

    Happy 2010 Queerty!

  • Fitz

    Mike, I applaud your plan to drop weight– but that number is probably unrealistic. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, why don’t you break down the activities involved, and make those your goals? (I will eat 4 veggie portions per day… I will work up to walking 1 mile without a rest per day, etc). Finally.. just being the cautious dork that I am… do include meeting with your primary physician (or getting one) to let them know your plan. Best of luck.

  • Mike L

    Fitz Thanks for the advice, I know it sounds unrealistic but I’m going to try anyway. I would be happy just losing 50 by then, that would be awesome.

    I’ll be careful, and as for the doc part, yeah no insurance not gonna happen.

    Last time I lost weight, it was surprising how easy it was for me.

    Oatmeal with fruit and soy butter with a cup of coffee in the morning and 20-35 mins turbo jam and 10 mins weight lifting, situps crunches etc. Then 25 mins walking to work.

    Lunch was a portion of chicken and veggies, and I made some effort to do physical stuff at the office I worked at. Then 25 mins walk back home.

    Dinner, a veggie omelet or a side of chicken or fish w more veggies and a small side of rice or beans (non refried) and a tortilla.

    Then no more food past 6pm.

    Water all day long, and maybe a diet dr. pepper once in a while.

    It wasn’t hard bc I did the same thing and ate the same thing all the time so it was easy.

    I’ll be carefull, since I’ve been sedentary for quite a while. Gotta start slow :)

  • Mike L

    Also whenever I was still hungry I’d eat things like a banana, apple, orange, pears, carrots, celery with green apples (yum), broccolli, sweet peppers or drink a glass of soymilk.

    So I was never hungry, but I did have a diet dr. pepper here and there durign the week.

    Oh, I also left out the diet redbulls which I needed when I hadn’t had coffee.

  • Brian NJ

    Mike L:

    Actually the people on New Jersey Shore are from Staten Island, New York, and have much more of a New York vibe. New Jersey Italians are more like Tony Soprano’s/Dr, Melfi’s suburban kids. All of the really thick, lower class, Italian neighborhoods are still in New York and gone from New Jersey. New Jersey used to have Italian neighborhoods, but after the riots in 1969, they all fled to the suburbs. My boyfriend’s parents and grandparents lived in the one in Elizabeth, and my friend Mike’s parents are from the one in Newark.

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