Queerty's Back

Queerty’s Back: Parting Words from David Hauslaib

More than five years after launching Queerty, and establishing what would become one of the most well-read and respected voices in LGBT media, I am pleased to see the site find a new home with GayCities. Queerty’s loyal readership will continue to thrive, and with so many issues directly impacting our community that remain unresolved, I am thrilled Queerty’s voice and reach can continue with a new team.

There is a reason I decided to launch Queerty back in 2006: I saw a void in queer media, with far too many outlets unwilling to challenge institutions, lawmakers, and positions, which were accepted as truth-tellers and hard, unchangeable facts. But I also wanted to see more stories told about LGBT people, from our heroes to our villains, our teens to our seniors, our celebrities to our everyday gays. Queerty accomplished so much it set out to do, but like the news cycle we covered, its mission is never-ending. There is more work to be done. More posts to be published. More fundamental rights to be secured. More kids to celebrate, and more souls to mourn. More songs to scour. More trash to talk, and more sex to scandalize. More acceptance to be had, and more minds to change. And most of all, more gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people to remind and reassure that we’re all in this together.

For a moment it appeared Queerty would fall to the wayside, after a disagreement in strategy with the site’s contracted operators, who decided to change their business focus. The outpouring of support following that announcement showed just how much Queerty’s readers wanted the site to continue, and how it became an irreplaceable resource for so many.

And so it will remain.

I trust GayCities to carry on Queerty’s mission, which was always to inform and entertain. And the GayCities team recognizes as much as we did that Queerty is nothing without its readers.

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  • Cam

    So wait a second, nobody from the origional Queerty editorial staff is staying? So is this going to become just like OUT Magazine and publish fawning articles only about celebs who think that it is “Neat” to play gay? Or will they actually continue the site?

    Additionally, why is the origional staff leaving? Will the new site accept ads from the LDS church and filter out any posts that are opposed to the Mormon positions against gays, etc…?? Answers bitches! :)

  • Nick

    Not that there wasn’t turnover at the old queerty. But somehow it managed consistency of voice, I hope that carries over now.

  • The V

    Well-read? Sure. Respected? Well…

  • jimstoic

    First, I’d never realized Mr. Hauslaib was so handsome.

    Second, what made Queerty compelling was its voice, not its URL. It remains to be seen whether the new Queerty will maintain, or create a new, compelling voice. I hope it continues to question Gay, Inc. While I didn’t always agree with the old Queerty, I always admired its balls.

  • princessjohnson

    you failed!
    *you failed* in your craven, quixotic attempt to discredit Our first african american church of christ president in the eyes of the stupider, more [email protected] segments of Our LGBT communities.
    i hope u went broke in the process, you corny, wicked trash!
    don’t let the door hit u on the way out.
    the gays are ashamed, as should you be.
    you have no power here.

  • Lonnie


    Princess, shut the fuck up. I’m a goddess. Princesses die. Goddesses live forever. Fuck Barack Obama.

  • Shannon1981

    umm….so this isn’t planet snark anymore? all of the other writers are gone? And what is with the gaycast shit? hmmmm…this needs to stay as close to the Queerty of old as possible, minus the shoddy journalism and spelling errors.

  • Cam


    How did they fail? The Mormon church was exposed as a Craven, illegal funding agent for it’s political policies, it’s growth rate in the last decade or so has fallen from 7% to nearly zero, The churches’ name, now, instead of bringing up the image of families, as you have tried so hard to do with the multiple millions spent on commercials, is now associated only with bigotry, and memories of your racist past.

    So all in all, I’d say that the score is.

    Mormons 0
    Gays 1

  • Cam


    Whoops, Sorry Princess, I thought you were from the Mormon church, and not Eddie Long’s church. I should have realized the difference, since with Long’s church they stole so much money that obviously none of you can afford to learn how to type.

    You can blame gays all you want, but sorry, PRINCESS, but no gays forced your pastor to steal all your money and molest all those boys.

    I know you have to defend him because to admit that he is sich a phony would mean that you would also have to admit that you are a stupid, stupid, idiot for believing that anybody wearing that much jewlery driving Bentley’s and being driven around in their own plane is a man of God. But if I could just tell you one thing? And that thing is, that you are a stupid, stupid idiot.

  • fanboi

    Not sure how we got on a rant about Mormons, Eddie Long and Obama… but I am glad to see that QUEERTY won’t be going away. I hope you can continue to provide the interesting, amusing and occasionally thought provoking articles – as well as the morning goods we’ve all come to love.

  • Michael W.

    Hauslaib, you son of a bitch, I’ve been mad at you ever since Japhy was let go. But you know, you’re not half bad really. Thanks for all you’ve done and good luck in your future endeavors.

  • James

    Please don’t stop holding people accountable! None of the other blogs dish the dirt or ask the hard questions. They all put out puff pieces.

  • irisgirl

    I enjoyed reading the old Queerty, and I’m approaching the new one with an open, and hopeful, mind.

    Just that simple.

  • declanto

    I have enjoyed this site through all the comings and goings of Morning Goods, writers, format changes, bouts of miserable misogyny, dirty politics,sycophantic celebrity-sucking, envious whinging and “meh”.
    Through it all, the commentaries have been your sole saving grace, And more times than not, the only thing that has justified the effort to log onto the site.
    So long, and thanks for all the snark.

  • jason

    David Hauslaib,

    Thank you so much for starting Queerty. It is THE most interesting gay issues website on the net. I’ve scoured through many different sites and this is the only one that has a “no fear or favor” approach to the issues that matter to us. Almost all the other sites are either fronts for the Democratic Party or they are so politically correct, it’s not funny.

  • Johann

    Respected? hahahahah! It had become a gossip and hack site to attack certain people, sorry it’s back but maybe they’ve learned something based on downturn in web hits…

  • declanto

    @Johann: The risks in running ahead of the pack include the occasional envious attack. As Truman said, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. David Hauslaib, you’re a ballsy guy, Bon voyage on the rest of your life, You’ve given me something of value that’s made a difference in my life and I believe, the life of the LGBTQRSTUWXYXcommunity.

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