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Queerty’s Favorite Internet Soap Opera In The Loop Is Back

Yes, we understand MTV’s Jersey Shore premiered last night, and every cubicle in every office park across the land is asking whether Ronnie is gay and arguing over Snooki’s level of patheticism (yes, we made that word up). But forget all that, because In The Loop — the YouTube reality series that’s trying to be a gay The Hills — has finally returned after a lengthy hiatus.

Shot in Houston by Ryan James Yezak (the same guy behind the Britney Spears “3” parody), the series stars a handful of Houston’s homos engaged in high school drama. If you haven’t been watching, catch up here, but it basically goes like this: men sleep with each other, talk shit about each other, and then go out drinking with each other. Who needs Heidi and Kristin, or even Ronnie and Jwoww, when you’ve got George and Albert?