Queerty’s Oscar Predictions: Who Will Win And Who Should Win Sunday Night?

We’re popping the popcorn and getting our best formal wear ready for Sunday’s big Academy Awards extravaganza. (Yes, darlings, we don full tux-and-tails at our Oscar viewing party.)

Earlier in the week we shared some great queer flicks that didn’t get nominated by the Academy. Today Queerty whiz kids Dan Avery and Evan Mulvihill look at the films that did get nominated in the six major categories (Best Actress/Actor, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Director and Best Film) plus a few others they felt like weighing in on.

Are our boys right on the money or way off base? Place your bets in the comments section!

FIRST UP: Best Actor!

Photo: Columbia Pictures

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  • DenverBarbie

    The Academy is more about politics than performance, but if they surprise us and get it all right this year-
    -Dujardin will take best actor.
    -Viola Davis can add another trophy to her collection, as “Best Actress” is a no-brainer. (Though I am with Evan, Rooney Mara really gave Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hell.) Meryl Streep’s performance was ok, but not enough to save that horridly flawed Thatcher biopic.
    -No contest for “Best Supporting Actor,” Christopher Plummer is truly the only option.
    -Again, totally with Evan on “Best Supporting Actress.” (We may be cinematic soul mates… Who is your all-time favorite director? Movie?) I love funny girl Melissa McCarthy! But the Academy doesn’t have such a soft spot for existential female comedies. Octavia Spencer will probably bag this statue, and it is deserved.
    -I haven’t seen many pictures in the costume category, but I’m going to play the same nasty Academy game I hounded them for- I’m rooting for anyone but Madonna. Sorry, boys.
    -Finally, “Man or Muppet” for “Best Song.” I love me some Miss Piggy, and Jim Parsons did a couple versus on that one. (Always support family!)

  • Spike

    Google this past weekends LA Times article regarding the Acadamy’s majority demgraphic, that
    being, white, male and 66 years old, no point in discussing who should or should not win
    as it pertains to the movie going public. It’s just an infomercial for the entertainment
    industry anyways. Just a matter of time before it becomes a reality show.

  • Hephaestion

    Above all, Jean DuJardin deserves the Best Actor Oscar. He carried “The Artist.” It would not be the masterpiece it is without his brilliant performance.

  • loafersguy

    Ok, I’ll have a go.

    Best Actor: Jean Dujardin.

    Deserves to win and will win. Brought out the heart and soul of his character with virtually no spoken dialogue AND had to learn how to tap dance. Can’t beat that.

    Best Actress: Viola Davis

    Should have won for “Doubt” and will win here. Her only real competition of course is Meryl Streep, but I don’t think “The Iron Lady” is a strong enough picture to carry her across the finish line this year.

    Best Supporting Actor:

    Christopher Plummer

    Should win and will win. I’m hoping that he’ll sing “Something Good” from “The Sound Of Music” during his acceptance speech.

    Best Supporting Actress:

    Octavia Spencer

    Should win and will win. She’s won all the other awards up to now and Sunday night will be no exception.

    Best Director:

    Michel Hazanavicius for “The Artist”

    Best Costume Design:

    “The Artist”

    Best Original Song:

    “Man Or Muppet”

    And finally, for Best Picture:

    “The Artist”

  • Okama

    I’d really love to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close take the Oscar, but I’m not fanciful enough to think that will actually happen. The Oscars are, after all, a popularity contest, and that movie did not get enough popularity to win. I’d definitely settle for Hugo, or maybe The Tree of Life, both really great movies as well.

  • Basch

    AHHH fuckkk Hugo that movie was painful to watch. The message and everything was great, but it was terribly boring and I can’t believe it was billed as a family movie. Any kids who can sit through that deserve a prize. It should have been a short film and left at that.

  • Price Waterhouse

    This will finally be Clooney’s year for best actor.

  • drums

    Beginners should win everything forever. But since the Christopher Plummer nom is the only big one associated with it, I hope he gets it.

  • Tom

    Since hollywood loves movies about itself The Artist will win Best Picture, Actor and Director, and possibly Art Direction. And I will win my pool.

  • Jim

    I would absolutely love to see Rooney Mara win best actress. She is a new face and absolutely made that movie. I still need to check out the Swedish version.

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