Queerty’s Top 10 Crushes: The Guide

It’s no secret that Queerty has more than a few main squeezes. In fact, we’ve been accused in the past of taking our crushes little too far into fantasy land.

But not everyone understands why we crush the way we do. For the reader who loves to ask “Who?” and those who wonder “Why should we care?”, we publish Queerty’s first guide to understanding our top crushes. In no particular order:

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Tom Daley

The fact that we were worshipping Tom Daley a whole year before he even came out is a testament to just how beautiful (and perhaps just how obvious) he is. Sure, we love Tom for his perky bum and other assets, but we’re even fonder of the great example he’s become for LGBT athletes and the huge visibility he’s given the community in general.

Tom represents the future athletes of the world, the — gasp — millennials, and gives a good name to the kind of guys that prefer the more mature things in life.

michael sam

Michael Sam

The future St. Louis Ram wasn’t technically the first LGBT athlete to play in a major league sport — that was Jason Collins. He was, however, the first LGBT person to be drafted into a major league sport, which also made him the first one to allegedly shove it in our faces.

Sam has done for American sports what Tom Daley has done for the UK — he’s provided a safe space and jumping-off point for a new generation of out and proud athletes. He’s a young, talented, and totally proud gay man breaking into an industry that’s been historically drowning in homophobia.


Nick Gruber

Calvin Klein’s ex-boyfriend’s fame has faded since he turned into a professional businessman, but that doesn’t make him any less relevant to the gay community when he’s caught doing things like hurling homophobic slurs at a party where 5,000 homosexuals are are dancing to Kelly Rowland.

As a professional kept boy and former homosexual, Nick essentially received his gay wings while in the spotlight and never fully learned how to fly with them. Nick is our Lindsay Lohan, and we’ll always love him for making the mistakes we were never pretty enough to handle.


Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne’s had a rough couple years, with his epic (and still unexplained) divorce saga, the leak of his explicit jerkoff video, and more new tattoos than most of us would care for. Though he’s remained level-headed throughout his most recent hiccups, he ultimately blamed gay media for the downtick his social relevance.

Don’t y’all remember Xanadu? 30 Rock? That time he sang Aida? His publicist may not love us very much, but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever stop loving Cheyenne.


James Franco

We’re not sure if James and his younger brother Dave are in on the joke or just making fun of us, but as long as they keep taking their clothes off, it’s all good.

You may think that Franco’s brand of hetero humor does nothing for the LGBT community, but in reality, his openness to all things gay and constant efforts to normalize things like gay kisses, gay sex, and treating the community with respect work wonders on hetero society at large. He’s making the world a more accepting place, one bro kiss at a time.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron

There’s really only one reason we’re obsessed with Zac Efron. He’s probably a swell guy and all, but god damn, those abs!


Ricky Martin

This 42-year-old pop god is the quintessential daddy. He’s wildly successful, incredibly rich, addicted to Instagram, and absolutely head-over-heels for his twin boys, Matteo and Valentino. He’s everything today’s gay man aspires to become, and we hear he’s single, boys!


Davey Wavey

We understand our attraction to YouTube guru Davey Wavey as much as we understand how one shirtless dude can support a Hollywood lifestyle on Google Ad revenue. But Davey Wavey has some real power among the YouTube generation — a whole slew of young boys who grew up in the Midwest learning that it’s ok to be shirtless all the time, and that watching your neighbors masturbate is just a part of growing up.

Also, his tits.


Fly Young Red

Thank this Houston native for ushering in a renewed faith in explicitly gay rap. The delightfully vulgar “Throw That Boy Pussy” got us talking about gay rappers again, and although FYR has probably already lived his 15 minutes, he’ll forever be a “boy pussy” pioneer in our hearts.

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Laverne Cox

What more is there to say about the woman of the century? In her brief time in the spotlight, Cox has managed to become a celebrated actress, an educated voice for the trans community, and the first trans woman ever to grace the cover of TIME magazine. If that’s not progress, we don’t know what is.

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