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Queerty’s Top 10 Most OUTrageous Stories According To You

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“Ex-Gay” Group Exodus Realizes It’s Wrong, Apologizes, Shuts Down

After attempting to brainwash gay people into renouncing their sexual orientation for 37 years, the “ex-gay ministry” Exodus International, spearheaded by  Alan Chambers, has seen the light and is turning it off.

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13 Villains Of Marriage Equality

It’s been a long journey toward marriage equality, and some folks made it a point to make the journey even longer. Thanks to their enmity, viciousness or just plain crassness, these enemies of equality delayed the day when we could finally say, “I do.” Queerty has chosen some of the worse offenders to remind us just who the villains were in this fight, including Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, and, of course, Michele Bachmann.