QUESTION: Do The Celebrities We Use For Pro-Gay PR Campaigns Matter?

Nick Gruber

No community uses celebrities in the fight for equal rights more than LGBT people, but sometimes those choices can backfire. The new “HIV Equal” campaign has been criticized here on Queerty for using former Calvin Klein boytoy Nick Gruber in the promotional materials, and it brings up the question as to whether or not the faces and images that we put out in support of our public health and civil rights campaigns matter. From the criticism of the A-List cast doing an “It Gets Better” video to the idea that the NoH8 campaign is/was essentially a PR stop for any celebrity who wanted to pander to a gay fan base, it’s a story that repeats itself again and again.  So, the question is Queerty readers:

When it comes to the PR campaigns that are designed to better the gay community, do the celebrities that we use matter?

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