QUESTION: How Are You Going To Celebrate “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day”?

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The anticipation is just killing us: Tomorrow, all the boys and girls will be clogging their arteries and celebrating hate as part of Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.

Since failed presidential candidate Mike Huckabee launched his campaign—which essentially honors a company for embracing a negative—LGBT activists have been busy coming up with ways to capitalize on the inane event.

What are you doing for “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day”?

Some groups are planning protests, others have announced a “Chick-fil-A Depreciation Day,” encouraging participants to order a chicken sandwich at McDonald’s and post a photo of the receipt. Queerty readers have suggested their own forms of peaceful civil disobedience, from using dollars stamped with “gay money” at the bigoted restaurant, to bribing homeless people to floor Chick-fil-A franchises.

What are you doing on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day: Marching in protest or just staying home? “Fil” us in below in the comments section. We’re going to Annisa in the West Village—it’s owned by superstar chef Anita Lo and her partner Jennifer Scism.

Maybe we’ll see you there!


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  • daniel

    does it count as celebrating if i go out to one of the LGBTQ friendly places

  • roger

    yes daniel it counts! im doing the same thing. better to spend my money with people who appreciate my business than with haters. gay and gay friendly business rock

  • collin

    I’m going to put pickles in unexpected places and then suck my boyfriend’s cock.

  • John

    Tomorrow, I’m going to Chick-Fil-A with my entire family. Not to enjoy the food (even though it’s great) and definitely not to protest, but to support the CEO of Chick-Fil-A’s right to free speech. Why are people saying he is such a horrible person for voicing his beliefs, there are millions and millions of Americans who are against gay marriage, why are we isolating Cathy?

  • Roxorz

    I have to say the constant talk of chik fil a is making me want it tho I’m not even a big fan >_>. I’m going to fight the urge but I have to wonder, policies aside how many people are being driven there because it’s being talked about so much?

  • John McLaren


    He has a personal right to free speech but understand that he and his company have spent millions of dollars funding initiatives against the rights of gay people..including Prop 8 in California and Exodus – a bogus reparative treatment that takes the gay children of religious parents and tries to get them to pray their orientation away. This is a dangerous “therapy”

    If he came out and said his biblically based faith does not believe in the “mixing of the races” through inter-racial marriage and then went on to give huge donations to the KKK you would not find as many people fighting to protecting his free speech rights. But when it comes to gays…well that’s different right?

  • DJ

    I’m going to go to Chic-Fil-A and buy a chicken sandwich!

  • Joh

    I’m going to go to make a donation to one of the food banks
    that are truly trying to help families in need.
    The 2 million dollars that they donated to fight marriage equality
    Could have fed a lot of families.

  • chuck

    Luckily there are none in my area but if there were I would go to the drive up and place a large order and when arriving at the payment window I would tell them I forgot my wallet.

  • Wayne Wilkie

    I am going to take my neighbors out to dinner at our local Chick-Fil-A’s for dinner on the 1st.

  • Pam Reed

    I am going to order 50 chicken dinners from Chick-Fil-A and take them to the local mission to give to the homeless.

  • Me

    @wayne Wilkie – heap!

  • Joh

    @Pam Reed: Oh Pam, you little copy cat!
    The homeless have standards you know, they won’t eat them!

  • Shadeaux


  • FreddyMertz

    I thought that was today…I had Church’s Chicken. lol So maybe drive down to the big-D and have In & Out Burger…and finish it off with some Girl Scout cookies. :)

  • GraciesDaddy

    I’m going to KFC for lunch… Which is owned by gay-FRIENDLY Pepsico.

  • SteveC

    I’ll be eating chicken I will cook myself.

    Fast food is disgusting.

  • Ted TampaBay

    I’m going to Chick a Fellate (where you can engage in “unnatural” acts with their mascot, Chaz the homophobic chicken.) Thank you for supplying the mascot Conan O’Brian.

  • Alex

    I’ve never even had Chik-Fil-A…so they’ve never gotten my money! Yay!

  • Ted TampaBay

    BTW. I here Chaz is one mean clucker.

  • Joh

    @SteveC: Good idea, fast food is fat food!

  • Daez

    @John: He is absolutely welcome to voice his free speech. Where he is over the line is the fact that he gives money to Exodus International which destroys the lives of other human beings. He is literally paying for people to develop mental disorders or commit suicide.

  • NickadooLA

    I’m going to be spending it trying to find LGBT news that doesn’t mention chickens.

  • fred johson

    freedom of speach is not free when you give money to fund hate

  • Cináed

    I’m Vegan, so Chick-Fil-A already gets my protest. What do Christians have against chickens? Maybe God needed to give AIDS to chickens to prevent them from being eaten. At least that way they may be able to live longer lives.

  • Hyhybt

    @GraciesDaddy: Pepsico spun them off some time ago.

    I’m probably going to order a pizza tomorrow… and see, on my way to get it, whether the CFA seems busier, slower, or the same as usual for a Wednesday.

  • Sammy

    Buying Frappucinos for my group and watching the sailors arrive for Fleet Week!

  • B

    No. 6 · DJ wrote, “I’m going to go to Chic-Fil-A and buy a chicken sandwich!”

    I’m not – the company’s web site has a “calorie calculator” and that is more than enough to discourage me from buying anything there.

  • D

    I might call one of their stores up, order a delivery to who knows where. OR maybe just call up and tell them how homophobic they are. OR change my mind, hang up and call a different store.

  • doug105

    Why do so many not seem to understand that boycotts and protests are also free speech that in no way limits the the speech of others ?
    Though I’am sure his pr guy was wishing someone had shoved a rag in his mouth when he opened it.

  • Joe Joe

    I support Chick-Flit-A and I support the First Amendment, liberals and gays are anti-liberty

  • Rockery

    Getting a chicken sandwich from a little eatery by my workplace. He always remembers me and I feel better giving him my money. Although I have never been to chick fil a. Until recently I thought it was chick a fil. I was corrected when I was told its fil-a,as in “fillet”

  • Hyhybt

    Please don’t do stupid, childish pranks like ordering a bunch of food and driving off. That doesn’t send a message to the corporation about anything; it sends a message only to the employees just trying to do their jobs. And the message it sends to them isn’t “tour company should change its donation habits,” but simply “gay marriage supporters are assholes.” is that message really going to help anything?

  • Hyhybt

    Oops. “Tour company” should, of course, say “your company.”

  • Edward

    First of all, fake orders are illegal. And haranguing the counterpeople could be construed as harassment. No need to do anything that makes them the good guy in the eyes of Officer Whoopass.

    I’m going to be ordering to go at another restaurant, along with a group of friends, then we’ll drive to the Chick and eat our food on their outdoor tables where their bigot patrons can see us. The bags and cups will have “No $$ for bigots” and such written on them in black marker. We’ll leave the evidence on the tables for the staff to see when they clean it up, and there will be at least one of us recording sound and video in case we are approached by management.

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    To the fucking idiots who are bitching about free speech: You don’t understand free speech. Cathy had his free speech and people who think what he is saying (not to mention where his money is going) is repulsive are having theirs by saying, “I disagree, I won’t patronize your business and I encourage others not to as well.” That is ALL free speech.

    To say you’re going to give his business money because you support his free speech is FALSE. You are actually supporting him not for his free speech but for the content of his speech.

    You realize you’re allowed to disagree with a business that directly contributes to things that are against what you believe, right?

  • doug105

    @Matthew Rettenmund: Want to bet they have no issues with boycotting Starbucks or some tv show over content ?

  • Michael Mouse

    @DJ: What a heroic gesture. Maybe while you are there you might make a donation to another hate group of your choice. Loser.

  • Michael Mouse

    @Joe Joe: I suppose joe you also support the KKK because you support the right to hate speech . You might want to go to the next Klan meeting of your local chapter while you munch on your ‘freedom’ chicken sandwich and feel good about yourself because freedom of speech i- even when it’s hate speech – is more important to you than protesting against those who foster fear and loathing. Just Sad.

  • Hyhybt

    @Michael Mouse: The claim that “liberals” or pro-gay people are anti-liberty is nonsense, of course, but ut is not necessary to support the views of the KKK, or Chick-fil-a for that matter, on order to support their right to hold and express those views.

  • Tom

    canada would never let this shit fly

  • Michael Mouse

    @Hyhybt: @Hyhybt: Why on earth would you even want to support the right of any Hatemongers to express their views in public? You may be happy to stand idly by when haters spread their fear and loathing – which effects us all, sometimes with the loss of our lives, but I would rather take a stand against them and silence their hate.

  • B

    The best way for people to celebrate “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day” is to spend it at a gym our outside running to burn up enough calories to undo some of the damage if you’ve ever eaten there.

  • Hyhybt

    @Michael Mouse: Because I value *my* freedom to speak my mind too much to want to take that away from anyone else, and also because I recognize that, historically, many views I hold were unsafe to express.

  • Hyhybt

    …and still are, in many parts of the world.

  • Tim

    Its disgusting that they’re having this “Chick Fil A Appreciation Day.” The only reason they’re doing it is to stick it up gay people. This freedom of speech stuff is a load of old crap. If it was an actual cause that defended freedom of speech in a constructive way this would be a non issue with me.

  • Pup

    I am going to order 5 meals to go in the drive through, then tell them where to stick them when they are ready at the window.

  • Ki

    @John: Uh…maybe because the company donated millions to anti-gay hate groups? Maybe we are tired of being complacent in a world where kids kill themselves because they are bullied for being gay? Have you not followed any of this? SMH…

  • Michael Mouse

    @Hyhybt: so mister ‘free soeech’ I take it you would have been of the many who stood silently by during the holocaust and in the interests of maintaining the sanctimonious sacrament of ‘free speech’ according to the flawed American Constitution . People like you really make me want to vomit.

  • Tom

    I’m vegan so every day is chik Fil a depreciation day!

  • Hyhybt

    @Michael Mouse: What gives you the idea that allowing them to speak their mind involves remaining silent, or not opposing actions they may take?

  • Michael Mouse

    @Hyhybt: Common sense you pompous idiot. Go choke on a chicken sandwich – you seem more devoted to
    Protecting their hate speech rights than you do making a human rights stand. As I said , apologists for evil like you make me suck. Now fuck off .

  • Michael Mouse

    @Hyhybt: Common sense you pompous idiot. Go choke on a chicken sandwich – you seem more devoted to
    Protecting their hate speech rights than you do making a human rights stand. As I said , apologists for evil like you make me sick. Now fuck off .

  • Michael Mouse

    @Michael Mouse: Lol
    Now THAT’S a Freudian slip.

  • Clay

    I’m going to stay home and cook my own chicken sandwich. Then later I’ll go out and kiss men, men with beards wearing tank tops.

  • Hyhybt

    @Michael Mouse: Common sense says the opposite. After all, you’ve said nasty, unprovoked things about me, and rather than either remaining silent or trying to shut you up, I simply speak my disagreement.

  • Michael Mouse

    @Hyhybt: Sorry you lost me at blah blah blah

  • LaTeesha

    I won’t be worrying about Chick-Fil-A’holes. I’ll be at Dairy Queen eating the August Blizzard of the Month, M&M Brownie, and a Chicken Strip Basket with that yummy white gravy.

  • Mattie Knapp

    I will be having dinner at Chick-fil-a and telling everyone I can to do the same. Hang in there Chick-fil=a. We love you. Stand tall. Don’t back down. You are right in your thinking.

  • Joh

    @Mattie Knapp: You “love ”
    A fast food restaurant?
    Why don’t you marry it?
    They are free to donate money any where they wish but such a shame
    It didn’t go anywhere that would actually
    Help families in need. Sad.

  • Mighty

    I stopped eating there years ago because of their antigay ways. How would these same people act if Mr. Cathy said he was for single race marriage not interracial marriage? I get the feeling there’d be a lot less people supporting him. However because its anti gay bigotry well that is just fine. So wrong so wrong.

  • Hyhybt

    Right now, the line to get into the parking lot at Chick-fil-A here is half a mile long. I thought there was an accident blocking the road, and wondered why people weren’t getting into the other lane as I did, until seeing where the head of the line was.

  • Nathan

    I went ahead and donate $15.00 (the cost of a meal for two Chick-fi-la) to the Trevor Project. I would encourage everyone to do the same!!!

  • Hyhybt

    Not only is the line of cars longer now, but the parking lots of the four nearest other businesses are full as well, mostly of cars belonging to people who’ve then walked to CFA. (What first gave it away is that one of those other businesses has been closed for months.)

    Unbelievable. And sad. I wonder what, exactly, people think they’re supporting?

  • Hunter T.

    It never quite hit home until I saw people I used to go to church with–people I’ve known for years–lined up around a Chick-fil-a. I feel betrayed, but I have no reason to expect any different from them.

    I long for the type of world where eating a chicken sandwich or holding the hand of the person you love isn’t a political statement.

    “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
    1 Peter 4:8

  • Ki

    I’m grateful there is no CFA near me. It’s sad enough seeing on the news how many hateful people turned out. I can’t wait for the day to come when we realize how ignorant we were in 2012.

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