QUESTION: Should Businesses Be Forced To Accept LGBT Customers?

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Just recently, the New Mexico Court of Appeals ruled that a wedding photographer couldn’t refuse to shoot a couple’s ceremony just because they were lesbians. Last year, a bed and breakfast got into hot water for a similar action—refusing to allow a gay couple to wed on the property, even though they had rented out the inn to numerous straight couples. In both cases, the perpetrator ran afoul of state anti-discrimination laws.

Should Businesses Be Forced To Accept LGBT Customers?

Now we’re all for public outcry—and even a good old-fashioned protest—but when it comes to anti-gay companies and proprietors, is the answer to legally force them to take our business?

Some have claimed that, in theory, such rules would require fair-minded businesses to accept bigots as clients. Others say we should know who our enemies are so we can take our pink dollars elsewhere. But without some protections in place, the haters could run amok—especially in small towns where options are limited.

There’s no easy answer, but we want to know what you think. Give us your two-cents’ worth in the comments!