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  • Frederick

    Sharon should win, Chad should come in second, and Phi Phi should finish last out of the three finalists.

  • DenverBarbie

    Sharon for the tiara, Chad for second, Willam as a surprise second alternate, and Phi Phi to the dogs from the Bitch Ball challenge.

  • J-Go

    Sharon Needles for the MFwin.

  • Texndoc

    Sharon Needles will win and get her dream cruise she’s been moaning for, despite the fact she has won so many challenges and never got the only thing she said she wanted: a trip. Ru has been nice enough last night to Chad and Phi Phi to let them down gently. Ru would be insane to not crown Needles.

  • XAK

    It better be Sharon Needles, with Chad coming in 2nd. If Phi Phi doesn’t come in last, I’m going to throw the remote at the TV and vow never to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race again!!

  • evanb

    “2. The sultry Phi Phi O’Hara”? Really? “Sultry” is not really a word I’d use to describe that mess.

  • Disgusted American

    Ok – I’ve been watching from the beginning – I say its between Chad or Sharon for the win..I like them both for differetn reasons……FiFi for 3rd…..
    I guess IF I had to pick- I say CHAD,Sharon, then FiFi

  • Spike

    Sharon Needles, of course.

    Chad Michaels second, old school with class.

    Pee Pee last, tired bitchy drag, yawn.

  • jeff cook

    Sharon all the way!!!

  • stevoj

    Sharon Needles… duh!

    and as much as i hate phi phi, they all look fabulous in those head shots

  • Darling Nikki

    Sharon is the [email protected]…She better win.
    Chad second
    Phi Phi ya later.

  • n900mixalot

    The fat one! Oh wait, big bonedededed girls never win.

    So sick of the same thing on that tired show.

  • Rob

    Sharon easily deserves the crown, and Chad is perfect for runner-up/Miss Congeniality. Phi Phi should have (and would have) been eliminated in the duet challenge, if not for Willam.

  • Austin

    Chad for sure. She’s timeless. Needles is just a temporary fad.

  • Kate Bushwhacked

    Sharon wins, she’s happy
    Chad gets second, she’s still happy
    Phi Phi dies, everyone’s happy

  • Max

    @n900mixalot: Considering Latrice Royale made it to the final four, I don’t see how that’s really a valid comment. In my opinion she should have made it to the final three over Phi Phi. The big girls from past seasons never made it far because they just weren’t good enough. It had nothing to do with their size.

  • jj

    Definitely sharon. Dont even get me started on phi phi. Chads great but really his best thing is his cher impersonation. I think they should bring latrice back for 2nd place chad takes 3rd and phi phi gets disqualified for being a cunt.

  • Aaron

    Turning this in to an F, marry or kill would be way too easy.
    As for who should win? Sharon Needles, squid tentacles down.

  • Jonathonz

    SHARON NEEDLES for sure. She has such a great attitude, is consistently funny, has a great look and just fits the underdog zeitgeist of the moment. Chad is creative and polished but is a little old school for my tastes. I’m tired of bitching about PhiPhi so I’m not going to go on about it here. SHARON all the way.

  • Tim

    Chad Michaels for sure! She was flawless and classy the whole way through!

  • Jurlesia

    Sharon mother-fcking Needles.

  • Cynthia. Morries

    I love Chad and Sharon. Phi Phi is a bitch!! Immature and should not be queen!!

  • joe feliciano

    sharon for the win!
    chad is a goddess and should take miss congeniality.
    phi phi needs to grow up and get into therapy.

  • Quixx

    Sharon Needles! Sharing responsibility! LOL. Go Sharon. Chad I love you too.
    Phi Phi, please get some therapy for all of your anger issues. I hope one day you learn to really love yourself.

  • Aedan

    Sharon for the win, Chad for runner up, Latrice for surprise third place, Phi Phi uninvited to te reunion.

    Reality-wise though? Sharon #1, Chad #2, Phi Phi #3. Frankly I’d be thrilled if EITHER Chad or Sharon take the win, as long as the one who doesn’t gets Second. Phi Phi is a severely distant third.

  • JR

    Sharon Needles for the win !! Chad Michaels for 1 runner up and Miss Congeniality. Phi Phi O’Harra for dog catcher.

  • todd

    I’m total Chad. The picture of her above with the Swarvoski crystal lips just puts it all into perspective. She has class, she has a true caring nature, she has a wicked sense of humour about herself and her chosen art, she does change characters just as easily as Sharon, she’s creative, and I think in a way she could bring a way to bridge the gap of gay and straight…sensibly. If she is confronted by hate I think she would step forward with her awesome grace and bring dignity to her side of the argument. I think its her maturity as well as creativity which will crown her.

  • OrnaMint

    Shaon Needles.


  • SMX

    It was recorded weeks or months ago – your voting really doesn’t mean squat.

  • James

    Why is everyone “Team Needles”…. (bandwagon fans, I tell ya). Just because she’s scathed her way through “mini challenges”, does not make her indicative of being a definite winner. She’s awkward and has much polishing up to do, before she headlines as a mass marketing campaign!! Hello people!? This is not a typical drag circuit.

    It’s obvious that Chad Micheals is prepared and groomed for this well deserved spotlight and win. She was only in the “lip sync for your life”-once. She’s serious about her craft, and serves it EVERYTIME! Make up- flawless, movement/dance-poised, outfits-fierce, personality- congenial! Why all the haters, on someone who IS the ultimate in female impersonation! She is and would represent the “drag race” name well.

    As for Phi Phi…. She needs to work on her interpersonal skills and check that attitude. You can only be a diva queen when you get a crown first honey- do not pass go, do not collect $200!

    Anxious to see how it turns out on Monday. I can’t stand the suspense….

    And that’s my 2 cents.

  • Chris

    Chad Michaels FTW!

  • Lee

    I think Chad Micheals should have been the winner hands down-So tired of the goth BS Sharon shoved down everyone’s throat.
    Phi Phi O’Hara made an ass of herself good ridden- Latrice Royale was Final 3 Material and would have beat Sharon and Phi Phi for the crown but RuPaul didn’t see it just like last season when Manila Luzon got cheated out of the title.
    Rupaul needs to stop screwing up.

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