QUESTION: When A Public Figure Apologizes For Homophobia, Do We Forgive And Forget?

guido-barilla-pastaLast week, the CEO of Barilla Pasta, Guido Barilla (yes, that’s his real name) said that he would never use a same sex couple in an advertisement, and if gays didn’t like it, we should go eat another pasta. Well, word got out and that’s exactly what we did. A boycott ensued, and the backlash was so intense that Guido Barilla himself gave a very public apology.

We’ve seen this a great deal with actors, public figures, and brands that get caught up in public declarations of homophobia. With most, intense public pressure leads them to backpedal and subsequently apologize, and all is well until the next brand/public figure/actor screws up. So our question to you, dear reader, is:

When a brand or personality exhibits homophobia, faces the backlash, and subsequently apologizes…do we simply forgive and forget?