QUESTION: Who Should (And Who Will) Win RuPaul’s Drag Race This Season?

Welcome to our latest feature, Queerty Query, where we’ll be raising questions and asking you, the readers, to weigh in. Sometimes the questions will be funny, sometimes they’ll be serious—it all depends what the chatter around the water cooler is.

Oh the shade of it all! Our girl Latrice Royale got sent packing this week on RuPaul‘s Drag Race, which means the final three contenders are Sharon Needles, Phi Phi O’Hara and Chad Michaels.

Who do you think should—and who will—win this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Now we know the finale was taped before a live audience—and some sources say the winner was already leaked—but assuming it’s all still up in the air, we want to know: Who do you think will be named the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race on the April 25 finale? And who should win?

Now remember, those can be two different people: Just look at the 2000 presidential election!

Will Ru choose age before beauty and go with Chad? Will she show her edgier side by picking Sharon? Or will she go back to the pageant-queen well and crown Phi Phi?

Make your presence known in the comments section!

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  • Bailey

    I want Sharon Needles to win!

    Phi-Phi is a cunt, but I’d still sleep with him.
    Chad Michaels is a traditional beauty queen. Good, but it’s time for something new.

    Sharon Needles is a performer and entertainer, not just a drag queen.

  • Richie

    Sharon Needles

  • Zach

    Sharon frocks my brain. I love her. Chad should be runner up. I don’t understand how Phi Phi is in the top 3. I just don’t get it. Latrice needed to be in that top 3 position. Damn you girl for creating whack outfits during that last show!!!

  • Adam

    *spoiler alert*

    Sharon Needles wins.

  • cdubois

    It seems Ru picks girls who need help getting exposure. When you’re as good as Sharon, or JuJu Bee, or Raven it seems to be a hinderance once in the final 3. None of the winners have been seen since winning yet the runner-ups seem to explode… So if phi phi wins it will fit the continuing narative…

  • Mark

    Explain to me how they could have Sharon Needles win the main challenge almost every other week since she won on the premiere and not sweep the top prize. And BOO HISS next week’s show is a lame clip show.

  • peter

    I love Sharon Needles, she IS “the future of drag” and in many ways is the winner of the competition with her amazing wit and edgy style. But I am pretty certain Chad will win. He has been a strong contender, has the image down to a perfection, bountiful wardrobe of characters, and has one major gift going for her… an awesome heart and soul. Phi Phi is just too “fishy” for my taste… drag is more about the transformation and exaggeration of character, and not just being pretty. Good luck to whomever wins… the final three are all representing well how was the LGBTQ community has come in the past few years. Congratulations to RuPaul for making drag a household norm that the masses can admire.

  • Jonathonz

    Sharon all the way for me. I’ll be LIVID if it’s Phi Phi. She is TOXIC. And NOT in a good way.

  • Kam

    People forget it’s reality television and the editors cut and edit footage that is potentially humanizing to the cast. I don’t think Phi Phi is a horrible person at all, and just like Tyra in season two, she’s edited to be the mean girl. They all have their roles. She’s also the youngest competitor left this season and she does have room to improve and grow, however, I think she’ll win because Sharon, though she has plenty of room to grow as well, feels more like a runner-up to me, plus she can be just as annoying as people make Phi Phi out to be. I feel Chad already has the exposure and won’t win and Ru has kept her because, yes she has been better than the competitors already eliminated, but she isn’t what Ru is looking for. I see Phi Phi winning, plain and simple, and I’m fine with that because I like Phi Phi. People’s reactions to her about hating her and the harassment she gets from “fans” of the show is getting ridiculous and she doesn’t deserve it. May i reiterate, it’s reality TV.

  • Bailey


    So very true… they do reality tv for ratings…. but some small part of me still hopes some of it is real.

    I know they eliminate potentially better queens than others, because they want to keep the ‘drama queen’ around to create more of a stir… that drama queen ain’t gonna win no matter what though.

    It’s simply why phi-phi is still here. And you are right, she’s not a bad person, but she’s edited that way.

    I imagine the casting went something like this: We need a twink who is crazy, a big ol’ black queen for sass, an edgy goth type and the refined queen.

    It’s casting pure and simple and the votes don’t matter as much as ru.

    Poor Latrice, she just did not bring it in the last elimination… even ru can’t forgive that.

  • Pazmateo

    I hope Sharon isn’t the next Raven. Phi Phi is one of those people who has never been punched in the face, and that’s a problem. She needs to learn that you cannot, in fact, say whatever you want, whenever you want, to anyone you want. One day someone with less class than Sharon and Chad will not be so kind when he pops off like that.

  • Ant

    Phi Phi headlining the absolut drag tour!? Lmao! $#%* better wear a raincoat cus she’s gonna be egged or bathed in drinks! Nobody likes her attitude. If its editing, the editors had it easy cus all sorts of nasty came out of her. And the constant eye rolling and stares when anyone won? Ha! Edited too I guess? Lmao

  • AnaSo

    Sharon!!! It has to be Sharon!

    Pittsburgh pride!!!

  • Ruisdael

    Sharon Needles should win, she’s the BEST and most diverse of them all. Every week she comes up with something new and edgy. She takes risks that others won’t take, and seems like a genuine person. What I want to know is, how in the hell is Phi Phi O’hare still in the competition. I cannot Believe Rupaul sent my girl Latrice Royale home over that rude, disrespectful, and uneducated Phi Phi O’hare. Not having a good relationship with your parents doesn’t mean you can be mean and hateful towards others. She should be cleaning toilets at O’hare International Airport where she belongs. That’s All!

  • SebX

    Sharon Needles all the way. Girl is sickening. :)
    And I love Chad. So classy, elegant, sweet and perfect. But too classic to be the future of drag, IMHO.

  • Justin

    Sharon should win. She’s easily the most innovative performer in the final three. But I’d be okay with Chad winning, because she’s the most adult out of the three.

    I really hope Phi Phi doesn’t win, because it will only reinforce her unhealthy rageaholic behavior. I mean, it is reality television and as such highly manipulated. And in truth I really hope it’s either editing or the producers telling her to behave that way, because otherwise we have one very ill queen on display.

  • Brad

    Say her name 3 times and she shall win!
    Sharon Needles! Sharon Needles! Sharon Needles!!!!!!

  • Texndoc

    They’ve edited and included Sharon’s desire for a “cruise” multiple times and open each show with the announcement the winner will receive the money and “a special trip from Al and Chuck Travel dot com” and then when Sharon wins a major challenge, poor thing gets shoes or body jewelry.

    It’s all leading to Sharon winning in the end and getting her cruise. People will smile. Sharon will cry.

  • Bob

    Sharon Needles by a mile!!!! Chad should be the runner-up and Pee Pee O’Hairy should just go away….forever…the bitch!

  • Karanis

    I love Sharon. She’s easily my favorite contestant, and someone who is extraordinarily interesting, funny, beautiful, creative, and new. And as someone who knows her personally, as much as I’d like to see her win that $100,000, I don’t think she’ll win it.

    The winner of the season basically is put on a ball and chain to Absolut for a full year and has to pander their beverages during that time. Given what Sharon is like and is known for in Pittsburgh (she’s definitely the “Queen of Shock”, and for some people here in the Burgh, that’s not always a good thing), Absolut may not want someone like her representing their product.

    Honestly as someone who knows Sharon personally, I’m also kind of hoping that she doesn’t end up in that situation with Absolut, because it’s so completely against her style to be following rules that are placed upon her. But as with many reality shows, runners-up often find that their careers wind up in a far better position that those who do actually win competitions.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    “It seems Ru picks girls who need help getting exposure. When you’re as good as Sharon, or JuJu Bee, or Raven it seems to be a hinderance once in the final 3. None of the winners have been seen since winning yet the runner-ups seem to explode… So if phi phi wins it will fit the continuing narative…”

    This is an interesting topic and begs the question what “success” actually means for a RPDR Drag entertainer. Yes mainstream people get a phenomenal education from the show. But success means work and being able to live on the success full time if that’s what they want. Having alot of social media buzz doesn’t always translate.

    I don’t know about this theory. Exposure how? In showbars? Or mainstream? Or do you mean doing national showgirl bar gigs? Nobody has been “seen” on tv in mainstream except on Drag U if you want to call that mainstream. Not even the ankle biting Shangela that everyone was screaming was SOOOOO talented. She hasn’t gotten tons of stand up comedy gigs as DJ Pierce like one might have expected.

    So taking away Drag U, they’re all on a basic level field, IMO unless you’re going around counting show bar appearances. And you can’t even do that because Shanel and Raven were hired by Drag U as the full time makeup artists so they were working at bars during filming.

    Mimi Imfurst is the best example of breakout even though she worked ALL THE TIME and the most VARIED of ALL queens ever on the show, including Off Broadway, before and after the show. And of course, the show gave her that exposure to have the breakout success with her single. She was not even close to runner up.

    I don’t follow Bebe or Tyra but you can’t include Raja in that. She’s certainly been seen since winning. And Raja didn’t need the exposure. Sutan had more exposure than ANYBODY on RPDR in the past, not just from drag but from mainstream ANTM, Adam Lambert. He also made Drag cameos with both (just for fun).

    All these Cali queens know each other and so do show bar patrons. Even non drag queen LGBT like celebrity Jai Rodriguez, Adam Lambert and others. Willam is in that circle, too even though he’s not a showgirl. Chad is the producer of Dreamgirls Review and wildly “famous”.

    Raja was famous in California before RPDR having been working shows forever. RuPaul blogged raving about first seeing her at Peanuts when he first moved to Calif. The blog is still on Ru’s website archived. It may not have been Sutan’s goal to be ONLY a showgirl but he decided last year to see where it would take him and see if he liked the life, focusing on only his OWN creativity and perform full time exclusively. (Although he has done other things like key note speaker at non Drag events).

    With your theory Sharon won’t win because Sharon is the perfect example of someone needing exposure. She was a Pittsburgh queen without a big name. Manila too. She was a relatively inexperienced and unknown queen and I’d agree with you SHE exploded. AND so did Carmen.

    Raven “exploded” if that’s how you want to see it, from Drag U. But personally, she was known around SoCal and worked in all the same venues as the other queens. she’s probably working just as much as Raja. You can’t tell by the past couple of months because Sutan’s father was terminally ill and passed away and Sutan spent most of his time with his family, taking limited gigs.

    So I’m not sure winner and runner up status is a predictor of future success. I think it has more to do with ambition and skill and Tyra would be a good example of that.

    Sharon is playing it 100% for the long haul. Where Raja and Manila had ONE piece of merch, Needles has an entire STORE with tons of stuff LOL. She even took a napkin with questions from a blogger in Jax, and after she went home she emailed him answers. She is driven, smart and hungry. THAT’s what’s gonna get her to bust out regardless of the win or not.

    Chad has admitted that this vulnerable national exposure is tough for him, and it’s the most challenging thing he ever did. So his personality might not lend itself to 24/7 relentless self promotion like MANILA. AND he has a life, with performing and producing Dream Girls, being married and settled and I get the impression he likes his life and not looking for a major upheaval. But I think he’s looking for the same thing Raja was. A chance to show his art, get some public confirmation, be a role model for some people looking for one, and go down in herstory as a person who was able to impact the real world.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    typo: “makeup artists so they were working at bars during filming”.

    should be “they were NOT working at bars during filming of Drag U”

  • Texndoc

    Have they filmed all the episodes up until after the final two? Seems to me what we’re watching now was filmed when the series premiered.

  • wetcnt

    @Kam: You can’t edit without content hunty. Phi Phi actually said all those nasty things they show her saying. She flat out admitted to lying to Jiggly to get her elimated and then laughs about it. I realize ‘it’s a competition’ but that behavior reflects the nasty person she really is.

  • Frederick

    @Kam: No disrespect intended, but even with editing , the editors have to have raw material to edit. This being the case, Phi Phi has demonstrated unprofessional and mean-spirited behavior time and time again. I know it’s reality television like you pointed out, but I just think the true essence of Phi Phi comes through as a conniver who will do anything to win (edited that way or not). That being said, I don’t feel Phi Phi is a good example of what a “professional” drag performer should be; hence, she shouldn’t win. I like Chad, but ultimately I think Sharon should win-she’s original, quick-witted, and talented. What more could Ru (and the judges) ask for?

  • ousslander

    needles needles needles

  • john

    Phi Phi is a back stabbing fly off the handle bitch, I would walk out of any event in which she “performed”. She has no ethics and no ability to work well with others. A BAD example, and frankly will cause a huge backlash if she wins. She simply isnt talented.
    Chad and is professional, Sharron is the new wave of Drag/performance art, Willem is a working actor/musician, Latrice is a classic drag queen with an amazing personality and a great feeling for community. Phi Phi has nothing going for her.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I would like to see Sharon Needles win the entire thing. She truly wants it the most.

    Chad Michaels is incredible but already has an established name.

    Phi Phi on the other hand is a poor example of what a drag queen should be.


  • Michael Strangeways

    @Texndoc: Season 4 of RPDR was filmed last August. They film everything except the Reunion Show which is filming on April 25 and to be aired on April 30, which is unusual since the Reunions are typically filmed a month in advance. And, for the first time, the Reunion show will have a studio audience.

    There’s been speculation that this year they did NOT crown the winner of RPDR during the August taping…normally, they end the last “real” episode with the winner crowned but they’ve also had a serious problem with the winner being leaked EVERY year before the show even begins airing. They might have left the winner uncrowned, to do it at the Reunion show.

  • Oskar





  • Conorq

    Sharon needles deserves it the most.

    Ru seems to have a liking for fi fi. God the f**k knows why ? While it’s historical to watch her bitch it’s childish and unprofessional. The evil queen does not deserve to win.

    chad is the true professional but I liked Sharon from day one. That girl is witty, smart and different and truely deserves to win!!

    P.s still want to know what exactly happened with willam?

  • Oskar

    @ Conorq

  • scott

    @Adam: why in the fuck would you write spoiler alert like that. twat.

  • Michael Strangeways

    @Fausto Fernós: Then, she’s going to get sued by World of Wonder and LOGO for breaking her contract. It’s also possible you could be sued as well…if in fact she really revealed anything.

  • John

    Here’s a breakdown of the Season 4 Top Three:

    Sharon Needles:
    4 WINS
    3 HIGHS
    2 LOWS

    Chad Michaels
    2 WINS
    4 HIGHS
    1 LOW

    PhiPhi O’Hara
    2 WINS
    3 HIGHS
    2 LOWS

    Sharon has won the most challenges, and only had to lip sync for her life once. If you add the WINS plus the HIGHS, Sharon is at 7, Chad is at 6, and PhiPhi is at 5. Sharon would have won and PhiPhi would have been eliminated had Willam not been disqualified at the end of Episode 8 (the “Frenemies” episode). RuPaul, however, seems to like keeping PhiPhi around (God only knows why, probably for drama/ratings purposes). Sharon and PhiPhi’s rivalry and catfights make for good television. Chad has always been a consistent performer, but the consensus is that his drag is safe, whereas Sharon is the ‘future of drag’ because she is edgy and controversial…mixing up her dark/spooky character with humorous and glamorous looks later in the show. Sharon is also quicker, smarter, funnier, and wittier than PhiPhi, who has the personality of a dried turd and always seems angry and vindictive.

    A lot of speculation exists about Absolut Vodka not wanting someone controversial to be the spokesman for the product, but if you look at their past campaigns, they generally feature the top four contestants from any given season in their television ads. I don’t think they will shy away from Sharon Needles if she wins, although Chad seems more corporate-friendly. Sharon has a HUGE fan base (compare her Facebook ‘likes’ to Chad’s or PhiPhi’s along with her fan sites and you will see how much more popular she is compared to her competitors) and I think that will translate into a win.

  • Vadren

    Sharon definitely! Rewarding the despicable, verbally abusive and toxic feefee with that much money, a title, and corporate spokesperson would be an absolut disaster. Feefee is bland, nasty, ugly, and rightfully despised by most people. I’m sure if they do wait until the reunion to crown the queen they can’t possibly give it to feces after seeing the public reaction to her. Sharon needs it more than Chad does.

  • Sawnia

    Sharon!!!!!! He’s creative and fun to watch cuz you never know what to expect – and he never disappoints. Plus, he’s so nice and calm.

    I adore Sharon, and agree that Phi Phi might only still be around for some drama. I also feel that Chad Michaels kinda always looks plain. Chad is pretty in drag but yawn yawn… Anyone else notice how Phi Phi tries to throw a pity party when he faces the judges? She starts crying and talks about her personal life. Cry me a river, Phi Phi! RuPaul does not pick winners based on crocodile tears.

  • PW1

    Sharon should win, she is funny and bright. I love Chad too but for different reasons. Phi, Phi is just so immature and doesn’t add anything to the sisterhood!

  • geo

    SHARON NEEDLES!!!!!!!!

  • RJC


  • Trine

    I fucking love Sharon, but won’t be sad if Chad takes the tiara.
    If Phi Phi wins, I will be bitter with disappointment. She has lied and back stabbed sooo much, and you can tell that’s not just been ‘edited’ in, she’s a poor drag queen with a loud mouth.
    Ps. Check out Chad Michaels on youtube if you want to see a different side to him.
    They’re very Sharon Needles, I’m surprise I haven’t seem him do some of his: ‘Hellraiser’ ‘Misery’ or ‘Mariyn Manson’ inspired performances on Ru Paul yet.

  • Jay

    If Phi Phi wins, I’ll be drinking Goose until the next season of RPDR and Absolut can SMD.

  • Terry

    Sharon Needles is WONDERFUL, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her. I have never been to a drag show before but would love to see her act.

  • Shanequa

    I’m guessing Phi Phi wins. Wouldnt surprise me, this show is awesome but has the worst winners of anything ever….Bebe, Tyra, Raja…. Phi Phi sucks just as bad as those hags.
    I get why they keep the “villain” contestants around until the end, but Phi Phi isnt even entertaining. Shes just a miserable twat.

  • James

    I certainly hope that Chad Michaels wins tomorrow. She would be the best choice to represent this Season Winner for RuPaul Drag Race. Chad Michaels not only demonstrate professionalism. She is elegant stunningly beautiful. I could see Chad Michaels becoming the Next American Drag Superstar. Also Miss Michael is highly intelligent.

  • James

    Good Luck! Miss Chad Michad I am praying that you win. You will truly represent the RuPaul Drag Race as a great Ambassador to RuPaul. You Go Girl!

  • diana kosanke

    Sharon Needles needs to win !!! i love love love her. she is very sweet, loving, caring and totally outragious !!! I love chad too ! Hes a doll ! Phi Phi is a hateful little twit with no control over her actions and how she got as far as she did i will never know !!!

  • Dennis Crotts

    Sharon needles is a DISGRACE to both RuPaul and The Gay Community. RuPaul must have gotten paid under the table by someone to say Sharon Needles was the winner. RuPaul how much did you get paid to DISGRACE everyone and the followers of your show!!!!!

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