QUESTION: With DOMA And Proposition 8 Struck Down, Where Do We Go From Here?

scotusThis morning brought with it two big rulings from the Supreme Court that will go down in the history books. In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court threw out the Defense of Marriage Act, entitling same-sex couples to federal benefits in the states where gay marriage is legal.

To be clear, this does not force states that don’t recognize same-sex marriage to change their rules. In another 5-4 ruling, California’s notorious Proposition 8 was struck down because it was found that private parties didn’t have the “standing” to defend the measure against gay marriage.

That said, Queerty readers, what changes now? Both in our personal relationships and in the fight for gay rights, where do we go from here? Is the movement towards marriage in the past 10 years forcing us to grow up?

In a world where gay teens can watch these rulings on television and envision a future that includes marriage and a family for them, does this mean that gay culture will move above and beyond some of its more hedonistic aspects? Or, is this ruling a further death-knell for a culture which has been for so long unbound by the traditional ideas crystallized by the institution of marriage?

What say you?

Photo: Twitter user @AnnTelnaes