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Quick, Unlock Those Pics! Manhunt’s Turning Ten!

Ten is a big deal for Manhunt, especially this summer. The M4M site grew from a 2001 phone line dating service, Manhunt VoiceMale, to an immensely popular worldwide web site for men to connect with hundreds of thousands of active members worldwide.

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary, our buds at Manhunt put together an interesting chart detailing what ten minutes of activity on the site looks like. That’s a whole of lotta sup?, hot!, lookin?, and that universal ice-breaker, horny?, flying around this sprawling digital map of gay desire.

Founding partner Larry Basil points out that “In rural areas especially, Manhunt has become the neighborhood bar.”

Let’s hope the boys still venture out of their bedrooms once in a while, but there’s no doubting Manhunt’s success in bringing men of all kinds together for a little fun, and even, once in a while, romance.

To which we can only say bravo! and unlock… Please!