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Quick, Unlock Those Pics! Manhunt’s Turning Ten!

Ten is a big deal for Manhunt, especially this summer. The M4M site grew from a 2001 phone line dating service, Manhunt VoiceMale, to an immensely popular worldwide web site for men to connect with hundreds of thousands of active members worldwide.

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary, our buds at Manhunt put together an interesting chart detailing what ten minutes of activity on the site looks like. That’s a whole of lotta sup?, hot!, lookin?, and that universal ice-breaker, horny?, flying around this sprawling digital map of gay desire.

Founding partner Larry Basil points out that “In rural areas especially, Manhunt has become the neighborhood bar.”

Let’s hope the boys still venture out of their bedrooms once in a while, but there’s no doubting Manhunt’s success in bringing men of all kinds together for a little fun, and even, once in a while, romance.

To which we can only say bravo! and unlock… Please!


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  • Joel S

    Yeah Manhunt!!! Good job

  • Bob

    I cannot image anymore, a world with our sites like ManHunt. Even us slightly older guys can have fun using these sites, rather than being shunned by the young dudes in bars.

  • George412

    Sad. I was on Manhunt for 5 years and rarely ever met anyone. It seems everyone just wants to chat and never wanted to meet for a drink. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer meeting guys in person. I cancelled my account last Fall.

    I think the internet has pushed us farther apart rather than bringing us together.

  • no thanks

    I’ll have a drink with you, George.

  • Pitou

    And just think.. ALL those Gay-membership dollars are going into the pockets of deepely seated Republicans!! LOL

    Do some searching.. the owners are Repubs. Ain’t that ironic.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Manhunt is like a bar? Would anyone go to a bar that has a signup sheet on the wall that said “I’m looking to have unsafe sex while doing drugs”? My guess is that a bar of that nature would not be particularly successful. But, IMHO, that is exactly what Manhunt is facilitating.

    The reason why I dumped manhunt, besides the Republican donations, was that it seemed to me that a rather large portion of the people on there are looking for drugs and unsafe sex.

    So if you are a Republican who thinks that there should be no judgement of pnp barebackers, then Manhunt is the place for you!

  • Jason

    Actually I’ve noticed that the numbers of guys online on Manhunt seems to be dropping. It used to be pages and pages of guys on a weekend night in Chicago, and now its a lot less. Adam4Adam doesn’t seem to be much better lately, so I’m wondering where everyone is going, especially guys under 30. Has Grindr taken that much traffic away? DList? Or are there so many gay hookup/ dating/ profile sites now that no one site has a commanding market share?

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