Quinn, Supporters Not Even Trying To Hear Radio Hate

Christine Quinn‘s got more fans than she may know. New York City Council’s out speaker caused a racialist stink last month when she blocked a bid to rename a city street after black nationalist, Sonny Carson. Quinn’s stance garnered her some enemies, including the talking heads at the politically-minded WBAI radio.

Some of the station’s hosts and their guests apparently have had some hateful words for Quinn, including a reverend who called her a “nasty lesbo”. Jesus would not approve.

The station’s stance against Quinn, who rejected the Carson bid over Carson’s admitted, anti-white politics, has cost them some listeners. Or, that’s what Page Six says, “Sources say the station is losing audience due to hosts who’ve used ‘racist, sexist and homophobic slurs when discussing openly gay Quinn on air…”

Quinn’s camp, meanwhile, used the situation to celebrate the love fest called New York, The public outcry against these comments demonstrates there is no tolerance for hatred and bigotry in this city.” Except for those with radio programs.