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  • Scot

    Let’s hope the other crap Quinto has to do is the next installment of Star Trek. Back to work Spock!

  • Pip

    I want Quinto to make love to me with his Spock ears on. He’s so sexai.

  • Cam

    I’m less interested in seeing it with Urie.

  • Stephen

    He was great in it! Yes, back to Trek please. Also, how long will it take for some usual troll to post the usual queerty quinto ask?

  • Anyway

    @4 You just did.

  • Rick Gold

    Anyone who is aware that the water runs downhill is also aware that Spock is teh gay.

  • David Ehrenstein

    This is great news. Michael Urie will make a teriffic Prior Walter.

  • Jack

    That title was misleading… Now I’m going to be sad all day.

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