New LGBTQ History App, Quist, Will Teach The Children Well

quistNot all of us are fortunate enough to have been raised by a Drag Mother to show us the gay ropes. Luckily, a new app called “Quist” will teach LGBTQ history and culture with daily updates about milestones and landmarks of queer culture. It’s like having Dorian Corey in your pocket!

With LGBTQ issues not generally taught as part of the regular curriculum in high schools and colleges, it’s certainly a legitimate fear among older gays that queer history will be lost to a younger generation seen as increasingly myopic. This app, available today on Android and iPhone for free through Google Play or iTunes, works towards preserving important alternative histories and herstories.

A Huffington Post article on the app cites the lack of community felt by the younger generation of queer youths as a possible cause of the tragically high suicide rate of LGBTQ teens. Perhaps this app will give new hope to the up-and-coming legendary children by instilling in them a sense of the “shared struggle” of queer people.

The app is not narrowly limited to homo-normative gay history but also includes facts on HIV/AIDS events as well as gender-fluid and trans-peoples, with links to YouTube videos and resources for more information. And what would our history be without a bit of voyeuristic joy: the app is rated 12+ on iTunes for “infrequent/mild sexual content or nudity, infrequent/mild mature/suggestive themes.”

Maybe now we won’t have to deal with insufferable contestants on Drag Race who don’t know what the Stonewall Riots were or who have never seen Paris is Burning. The SHADE of it all!