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  • AEH

    I like how he thinks!

  • Hyhybt

    Interesting, when the one part of the male body that’s hardest to reach is also one I’ve never heard of anyone finding attractive hairy: the upper back.

  • HM

    ‘Brainy porn star’. That’s a new one.

    Like ‘Fisting Rocket Scientist..’

    ‘Pious cocksucker…’

    Ah, the possibilities.

  • BlogShag

    This guy looks so much better as he’s gotten older. Wow.

  • NateB79

    To me it sounds like it’s the opposite, that everywhere that is within reach shouldn’t be hairy.

  • AEH

    I don’t know why some men are so afraid of body hair. I like to be with men that look like men, not boys.

  • Greg

    I am not a fan of shaves pubes. It always makes me think of crabs.

  • Hyhybt


    @Bipolar Bear: …which is fine. It’s sad, though, the way some comments have gone (in this thread and similar recent ones.) Stating a preference is one thing; insulting those who happen to have different tastes (by, for example, implying that the reason some prefer hairless men is because it reminds them of boys) is quite another. The question is of no heavier import than whether you like hamburgers better with or without mustard, and implications that one view or the other has any inherent merit is just as silly.

  • Mark

    Manscape or not, I want to eat him.

  • QJ201

    He’s not a big fan of condoms either (except when required to use them on film).

  • AEH

    My comment wasn’t meant to offend. I only said it because today’s culture is so obsessed with youth they’re willing to go to extreme measures to look “young.”

  • Hyhybt

    @AEH: Got it… and I didn’t really mean to be singling your comment out. There’s not as much in this particular thread, but the subject of how much hair and where has gotten downright nasty here sometimes.

    And, while I’ll certainly agree that people go too far in trying to look young, I strongly disagree that the hair thing is a good example. Body hair comes in at, what, 11-12 years old? No adult wants to look that age, and few would have the build for it regardless of hair.

    (Personally, and with nobody to please in this regard but myself: I prefer the *feel* of total hairlessness down there, but not nearly enough to bother keeping it that way, and the in-between state as it grows in is no fun. And as for what I like on other people… well, I’m in no position to be picky.)

  • Aussie Col

    haha…hairless feels better in my opinion, but I don’t care what everyone else does… It’s a non issue.

  • Randy

    Men have hair. I prefer my man to be non-femenized.

  • Samuel

    @QJ201: As long as one is safe with his partner and/or partners then not using a condom shouldn’t be an issue… There are other ways to “make love” with out a condom…and I’m not talking about one night stands here and casual sex…. you can have a great group of “friends” and all of you be safe outside that circle and still not be safe wtihin it.. anyway that’s how I’m thinking here… as for me, I was safe wtih my partner for the first few we were together… then we both agreed to get tested together, and still knowing that there is the chance that there could be transmittal even after testing negative, we agreed that we loved each other enough to go all the way sands condom…. we’re still together after five years and we still have a great sex life and a life together sands the condom…

  • Samuel

    @Mark: Ditto… as a matter of fact… more than just eat!

  • Mark

    @Samuel: I think he’s big enough for the 2 of us….:-)

  • Hyhybt

    @Randy: Case in point. Setting aside the fact that women often have hair too (or would if they didn’t constantly remove it), your argument could at least as sensibly be turned around by saying that genuine masculinity shows through whether hairy or not.

    (Alternately… well, I won’t claim they’re the one true standard for masculinity as I don’t believe there is one, but it would be interesting to watch someone go up to a bunch of, say, Mr. Olympia contenders and tell them they’re too feminine.)

  • arlo

    He’s a bareback top. Everyone in the DC metro area knows that.

  • Andrew

    ewwwwww that’s nasty Arlo. He’s probably HIV+ and giving other people other strains of HIV and getting infected with them, not to mention other STDs.

  • Dave

    Samuel you’re an idiot. The whole scenario you described is a way most people get infected with HIV.

  • Rex

    I agree with him that men who shave or wax their body hair makes a man look very odd, especially with waxed or shaved pubes.

    However since he’s a bareback top he’s an idiot. I’ve seen him in porn and he was a bottom in lots of scenes so you know he’s taking loads raw when he has sex off camera too if he’s a barebacker. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is HIV+ like most people who bareback and a lot of porn guys are HIV+.

  • AEH

    I hardly think that’s the case. I’m sure he gets tested regularly and they wouldn’t let HIV+ porn actors perform, would they?

  • Let's be real here

    Yes they DO let HIV+ porn actors perform. I’ve seen HIV+ men performing in porn where condoms are used. I also have seen guys who “retired” from porn where condoms are used only to resurface and wind up doing bareback only porn and they were HIV+ the entire time. Also one test does not mean that someone’s actually HIV neg.

    Didn’t we learn anything from the 80s?

  • Virology 101 and natural selection at work

    If these idiots who bareback as a top or bottom who think that it’s safe want to do it raw/bare that’s their choice but when they become HIV+ which will happen they shouldn’t deserve our sympathy, benefits, or meds since it was their choice to do it bare/raw and they have a death wish and wanted to become HIV+. People who are like this are mentally ill and that includes this bare/raw porn guy the article is about.

    I’m sure some idiot will claim that “If you’re on meds there’s NO risk at all from having raw sex with someone that’s HIV+ bareback” but that’s not true and people who are on meds can and do get infected with other strains of HIV, get reinfected with the strain that they have, pass along and infect other HIV+ people with a new strain, and it messes up the regiment of HIV medications both people are on.

    Then you have LGBT youth who will see bareback porn or think “Colby Keller does it raw so it’s fine!” and assume that they don’t need to use condoms.

  • Worship

    I heart him. He’s my #1 porn crush at the moment.

  • drewa24

    @Mark: Hey can I play? I loves me a Colby dick cheese sandwich! This fella is so HOT and so EAGER.

  • Riker

    @QJ201: I don’t think anyone is a “big fan” of condoms. Most people just sort of treat them as a necessary evil. If the CDC announced today that they approved a 100% effective vaccine for HIV-1, I would throw out all my condoms.

    @Virology 101 and natural selection at work: So you think that we shouldn’t give mentally ill people benefits or meds? What kind of cruel asshole are you?

  • Virology 101 and natural selection at work

    Riker, reading comprehension isn’t your strong point. I’m saying that if someone knowingly gets infected with HIV intentionally by not using condoms and doing the whole bug chasing thing then they shouldn’t get meds or benefits as those HIV meds and benefits should go to someone else who didn’t get infected with HIV on purpose.

    I have friends who are HIV+ and even they agree with me about people who bareback intentionally and want to get infected with HIV like this fool Colby Keller.

  • Hyhybt

    @Virology 101 and natural selection at work: Your clarification makes it less clear, because you consistently combine two things: not using condoms and *intentionally* getting infected. Are you, or are you not, declaring that anyone who does the one is necessarily doing the other as well?

  • Riker

    @Virology 101 and natural selection at work: A direct quote from your post, “…it was their choice to do it bare/raw and they have a death wish and wanted to become HIV+. People who are like this are mentally ill….”

    You say they should not get benefits because they chose it, but then you say they are mentally ill. You clearly indicate that mentally ill people should not get medications and services.

  • Mrs. Patrick Campbell

    We think that this professional cum dumpster should just continue to do what they do best. Take cock in their mouths, spread their hole, and take loads!

  • Mrs. Patrick Campbell

    We think that this professional c um dump should just continue to do what they do best. Take coc k in their mouths, spread their hol e, and take load s!

  • Jesse

    I agree that people who intentionally get infected with HIV and make the choice not to use condoms or have safer sex when having sex with someone who is HIV+ are mentally ill and don’t deserve any of our sympathy or meds when they get infected with HIV which is what they want to happen.

  • PozGuy

    I also have met bug chasers and anyone who actually wants to intentionally become HIV+ or who does on purpose is mentally ill. I do not feel sorry for these people since it’s 2012 and you should know all about how to have safer sex and how not to get infected with HIV.

    It’s not like it’s the early 80s when I became poz when we didn’t know how AIDS or HIV was transmitted, and how to have safer sex.

    This is also a major reason why I don’t date or sleep with men who are neg and even if the guy is poz I still have safer sex since I don’t want to get reinfected, get other strains of HIV, mess up my or his meds from working, infect him with another strain of HIV, or get other STDs.

  • Mike

    If Colby is a bug chaser and is a fool who does it raw in 2012 that’s his personal choice but he’s an idiot either way.

  • EvonCook

    @AEH: You mean “look like girls!” Hate the creepy de-masculizing that the NYT even seems to promote.

  • Ulf

    Having met him, I can tell you that he is the most pretentious bullshitter ever.

    And yes, a known skank.

  • Bulls Eye

    @Bipolar Bear: Back hair….. Ditto!

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