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R. Kelly’s First Interview About His Transgender Son Is Not Encouraging

A few weeks ago, R&B superstar R. Kelly’s 13-year-old child Jay came out as trans, and the singer has been relatively silent about it…until now.

Black entertainment gossip blog Bossip got a hold of a video interview with Kelly after a recent performance.

While we wouldn’t necessarily call his response transphobic, we’d definitely wager that there is a lot of work to be done in the journey to accepting his son. His response could could have been a lot worse than the rambling dismissal of his son’s gender identity followed by his affirmation of unconditional love for all of his children, but it could certainly have been more positive, as well. Let’s hope that he will evolve as much as Cher has. Or these incredible parents.

Check out the conversation at the 3:40 mark, and be happy that Jay has at least one awesomely supportive parent.

He can be found on instagram @mi_ylno_namuh.

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