Rabbi Shmuley + David Prager’s Botswana Roadside Debate Over Gays and Abortion

Rabbi Shmuley, the fella Michael Jackson told secrets to, went to Botswana over Thanksgiving with Dennis Prager, the conservative pundit, for something called Rock of Africa. It was the last place we expected a videotaped debate over gays, Rick Warren, and religion to go down.

“Gay marriage is one of the great boogeymen of our time,” says Shmuley, rumbling down a street, before launching into an attack on evangelical Christians in America: “Why has their influence become marginal now in the States? Answer: These two issues. People are just tired of hearing abortion and gay marriage. … What Joel Osteen, and what Rick Warren is doing, they’re showing Christianity is more than just talking about gays, and they’re being successful at it.”

Prager, for one, DOES NOT AGREE. Hahahaha.