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Rabbi Yehuda Levin Blames Haitian Earthquake on Homosexuality + Gays in the Military. Great

Think Pat Robertson was the only asinine zealot concluding the earthquake in Haiti was a result of some human sin? Then you haven’t heard from Brooklyn-based Rabbi Yehuda Levin, spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance of America, who ties 9/11 to New York’s passage of domestic partnerships, and the Haitian disaster on Congress trying to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Says the rabidly conservative Levin: “Thirteen months before 9/11, on the day New York City passed homosexual domestic partnership regulations, I joined a group of Rabbis at a City Hall prayer service, pleading with G-d not to visit disaster on the city of N.Y. We have seen the underground earthquake, tsunami, Katrina, and now Haiti. All this is in sync with a two thousand year old teaching in the Talmud that the practice of homosexuality is a spiritual cause of earthquakes. Once a disaster is unleashed, innocents are also victims just like in Chernobyl. We plead with saner heads in Congress and the Pentagon to stop sodomization of our military and our society. Enough is enough.”

Glad to see the fundamentalist sects of Christianity and Judaism coming together around hatred!