Rachel Maddow Has A Total Crush On DADT Hero Victor Fehrenbach

It’s always nice to see Rachel Maddow in action: she’s so smart, conversational, and dashing. In her broadcast last night, she didn’t tell us much new about the federal court smackdown of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. But she did get all starry-eyed over DADT-discharged Air Force servicemember Victor Fehrenbach. Not only did Fehrenbach finally win his military retirement papers but according to a blushing Ms. Maddow he also has big arm muscles and is “newly on the job market.” Damn… we were hoping she’d say “meat market.”

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  • gregger

    She’s not the only one with a crush on him.

  • patrick L

    He is one mighty fine-looking speciman!

  • merle

    I have great respect for this man. Unlike others who sought out the limelight, he was forced into fighting for his rights – and he won. Congratulations on your retirement, Lt. Fehrenbach.

  • christopher di spirito

    Well, if anyone can flip Rachel, it might be Victor Fehrenbach.

  • Gay Veteran

    @merle: Lieutenant Colonel. He’s far from being just a Lieutenant. It’s a big deal for him and the GLBT community, don’t want to take that huge accomplishment away from him.

  • Scott

    Did you mean that she has a “man crush” on him?

  • Damon

    It’s good that his story helped the repeal of DADT. Try having a conversation with him, you will soon realize how much of an asshole he is.

  • Maria

    The victory of Lt.Col. Victor Fehrenbach is fast three years over now.I admire his courage it was a great achievement. I have respect for him. I`d like to get some information about him, what does he do nowadays. I hope he is a lucky man and enjoys his retirement. Answer me, please.

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