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Rachel Maddow: John McCain Has Rendered His Political Positions Completely ‘Incoherent’

Maybe it takes a real maverick to realize you are not a maverick. But as Rachel Maddow points out in 10 minutes of political pornography, Sen. John McCain has a whole wonderful history of disagreeing with himself depending on which way the wind is blowing, or which way cap is trading. “There is not a major issue on which John Mccain can be found now to have one identifiable positions,” says Maddow. Maybe Jon Stewart was wrong about McCain writing his own legacy as a bigot. He’s writing his own legacy as America’s greatest flip-flopper.

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    Lotsa thaings Crusty McCain can’t decide on:

    Asked if he wore boxers or briefs his response..”Ummm, depends”………… :p

  • Hannah

    I can’t believe I considered voting for him (in 2000). Look what he has become. Maybe its his age . . . Or his need lose all moral standing to suck up to the Tea Party just to keep his job. We can certainly cross him off our 2012 running list.

  • jason

    We already know that John McCain is the enemy. Nothing new here. What’s worse is the traitor Obama. Traitors are worse than enemies. Get your priorities right, Rachel.

    If Rachel had any credibility, she’d go after Obama with the same vim and vigor she’s using to go after McCain.

  • Pat Duffy

    @jason: Have you EVER watched her show? I’ve NEVER seen an episode(and I watch 3-5 days a week) where she isn’t pointing out both Obama’s AND the Dems Cowardice. McCain is the George Wallace of our time, Obama is our Chamberlain…except he gives our Rights and Future away to the internal Enemies of the Constitution instead of the Foreign Ones.

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